Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



Skywalker’s on the climate emergency now.




RTE spook central and social engineering media division of WEF Ireland Inc. never sleeps.

Should dogs go vegan?

Anecdotally, one wonders has the introduction of insects into the domestic pet food chain caused family pets hardship, with skin and other issues, seems to be in the casie of dogs, further feedback is to put the pet on a raw meat diet or as close as, with positive results, shock horror! :roll_eyes:

You might regard this as the animal test phase and it’s failure.



What else could we ban then?

Cigarettes, alcohol, fructose, etc.

Go another level and ban cars, diesel, ladders, powertools, heavy livestock.


Dogs & meat is now a no-no apparently.

They should be vegan. Iz scienz.


“As fit as a greengrocer’s” dog just doesn’t have the same ring!


Time to ban water, water kills.

Crazy we allow that stuff in the home or children to play in it!


Are dogs Transvore?


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I’m not a vet, but I think they’re technically omnivores while cats are obligate carnivores.


Some settled science

This Indian study showed that for every extra 1ppm CO2, wheat yields increased by 370,000 tonnes. :+1:



"Using hydrogen remains the worst way of doing almost anything.

Special interest groups however have discovered that the magic words “net zero” have the same incantatory power as “Open Sesame!”. In Arabian Nights, the phrase opened up a cave full of treasure. Here, they open up an unlimited trove of research grants and subsidies, and tap into abundant buckets of ill-directed “green” capital. The dead whale is never removed from the beach – and perhaps that’s the point."


Climate cowards and apocalypse peddlers

If you think the world is going to end because of sea-level rise, I ask you to put ice cubes in a glass, fill it with water, then wait for the ice to melt and observe the glass not overflowing.

If you are part of the media, political, or scientific elite and you disagree with anything I’ve said, but you cannot be bothered to look it up yourself, if you’ve never bothered to look into the so-called ‘other side’, if you have no interest in the truth of things, if you cannot bring yourself to challenge your pre-conceived ideas, then you are a climate coward.



Pile the ice up above the rim of the glass and it will.


Yeah had sort of gone there myself…


The Holocene

Waiter! There’s an ice cube in my soup… is the Fly in the ointment of hysteria.

Holocene sea-level, 6000 thousand years ago last events, iirc correctly all peoples have a flood narrative, Noah is our cultural touchstone. So if things calmed down since then, then here we are.

The early Holocene sea level rise (EHSLR) was a significant jump in sea level by about 60 m (197 ft) during the early Holocene, between about 12,000 and 7,000 years ago, spanning the Eurasian Mesolithic.[

I’ve seen 100M, either way, throw that spanner at a vegetables combustion engine and watch what happens!


Nothing we don’t already know from OW of course.