Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



Yea what about that eh :icon_beer: …future proves past super sale now on, incredible value, old stock as good as new!

13 years heads up, ya can’t complain… when it’s gone, it’s gone! :open_mouth:


Background information on the infamous Bill Gates CO2 equation (CO2 = P x S x E x C) video.



It’s barking mad!’ ‘It’s like man’s best friend is the planet’s worst enemy’ Benjamin Loughnane and Laura Dodsworth react to calls for pets to go vegan.


Battery fire of an electric bike. One can see and hear each cell igniting and burning in succession. Video from the South of Spain, unknown author, sorry.




It’s the Jesuit model on skittles.


Funny how Government policy these days seems to come down to the population stopping doing things they enjoy for the sake of some urgent collectivist goal identified by the experts with their models.

And we know how we’ll be ‘encouraged’ to change our behaviour.


Go back half a century. This is a very short time in climate records but the climatologists, the newspapers and magazines and anyone who could get on radio and TV were all warning us about a different climate crisis: an imminent ice age.


"The energy transition will also require far greater annual supplies of aluminium (equivalent to 30% of what Europe already uses today), copper (35%), silicon (45%), nickel (100%), and cobalt (330%), all essential to Europe’s plans for producing the electric vehicles and batteries, renewable wind, solar and hydrogen energy technologies, and the grid infrastructure needed to achieve climate neutrality. "


The Truth About Heat Pumps


A senior official at the European Commission – the equivalent of the EU’s Government – says the continent must accept that the two necessities of life – food and fuel – have been far too cheap for a generation and to save the planet we must all pay more.

Paywall - but you get the message clearly from the folk with no electorate to face.



At an efficiency of 2.0, that’s still twice as good as an electric heater.

I’d hope that things have improved since 2010 also.


Meeting the envisaged emission reduction target set out in the new climate bill could require investment of close to €20 billion (or 5% of Ireland’s GDP) annually over the next 10 years, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Arctic Ice is Not “Rapidly Vanishing” – Study Finds Similar Trends Over At Least 200 Years




Malcolm Byrne believes that public broadcasters should not be made give equal weight to both sides of a political debate during a referendum if it is about something where he is sure one side is correct.

But he’d still like a meaningful debate :rofl: