Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



Oh Jaysis :rofl:, :clown_face: world


This Scientific paper by 21 Scientists that was peer reviewed and published is being censored in the media and on social media platforms. It feels like we are entering the dark ages again. Here is a response from a couple of the authors in relation to this censorship by non-scientists sponsored by Big Tech and their ideological allies.

“When we discovered this, we carried out our own “fact-check fact-check.” Using the “fact-checking” framework developed by Climate Feedback, we found their farcical “fact-check” was guilty of 11 of the 14 classes of misinformation the website warns against, while Newman’s article made none of them.”

“However, the almost comical nature of this supposed “fact-check” has prompted us to ask why science reporting is being subjected to “fact-checking” in the first place.”


Ireland, long famed for generations of turf production, is now receiving shipments of foreign peat with national reserve stockpiles said to be exhausted.

Some 3,600 tonnes of horticultural peat arrived from Latvia into Drogheda Port in Co Louth on Saturday, where it was met by a fleet of 200 trucks.

The unusual freight landed amid ongoing tensions between industry growers and the Government following the cessation of commercial peat production in the wake of a 2019 High Court ruling.



In a confidential briefing note for a Cabinet committee on climate change, ministers were told energy suppliers could be forced to introduce emergency measures if there are high demands for electricity during the colder months

Under worst-case scenario contingency plans, businesses will be given as little as an hour’s notice to reduce their electricity use or switch to generators while family homes will also be disconnected from the network.


I remember last winter they were already saying the Xmass decorations are overloading the electricity network. Looks like the coming Winter will be cold and hungry.
Few hits on the food distribution chain will result in dumping tons of products. Haccp requires regular checks of freezers and fridges temperature. I’d say 2-3 hours is enough to make all the food products there unsafe.
That’s why I’m in the process of clearing the freezer from my preps. Looks like the menace will try to starve us.


Considering the almost complete transition from incandescent to LED lighting over the past few years, the load from Xmas lights should be significantly reduced. The real issue is the lack of replacement energy generation from all the “dirty” power being removed from the system.

Common sense would dictate that you replace the lost generating capacity first, which in reality means investing in energy storage systems.

There are no shortage of solutions, just no cheap & profitable ones.


If only we could do some deficit spending (for a change)…

…on capital investment


Yep looks like the plan is enough simulated hardship to cover the collapse of the menace banking system, so maybe real collapse but you pay the price, not the menace. It’s all very end game.

The long and short of it is the regime have legislated so that it will be illegal NOT to have shortages of power and by virtue food.


Fantasy football is as close you will get under current regime. They are told what to do. Told what to say. They do not take their lead form the people.


Still some fruit to be collected from the wild. Rose hips and hawthorns. With Absolut and Finlandia on special to soak them in. Vaccination week for me. And no refrigeration needed.



Although from Dublin, I might just join them when they’re here


Own door accommodation within 3 months for every Tom, Dick and Harry that lands these shores, regardless of origin, circumstance or credibility along with the eradication of large swathes of rural life to include an estimated 50,000 jobs (at least) if the carbon proposals are implemented.

All to appease an elitist subculture consisting of a collection of ideologues who masquerade as a political party…… that currently sits on 4-6% in the polls.


Happy Halloween

Formulaic and predictable :icon_rolleyes:

G20 agree on target to keep warming below 1.5 degrees

Announced right before the “dark winter” after the harvest of Coivds, get it?

Samhain is a pagan festival which signified the darker part of the year, marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter

Gee… remind you of anything else?

European Central Bank sets its inflation target at 2% in new policy review


Same shyte, different mask… funny money men always the harvesting of your life-force, I think they expect a bumper crop this harvest too! :ghost: :skull:

Figure it out!


The media today be like



New Knock

Lanky Bono… “live from Climate Pledge”

Anyway this shyte, were people go to lose themselves (hard earned money). That is some really awful shyte. What is that opening tuneless number… Did I wake up in Knock?


Hang on a minute

Surge in old bullshit passed of as new bullshit:

Taoiseach arrives at Cop26 amid ‘one minute to midnight’ climate warning

Oh no we are running out of time! Oh NOOOoooooozzzeee… :icon_rolleyes:

These transnational operators are recycling the same dramatic setups as per previous world terror campaign from the previous century - nuclear conflagration, mutual annihilation, it’s all over their bought and paid for global media. Dead giveaway how the game has always been played.

One Minute to Midnight: Fact and Fiction About Armageddon

As a child of the nuclear age and an innocent bystander during the Cuban Missile Crisis, our maverick English Teacher and amateur history buff looks into the abyss of total annihilation and comes up with 40 works of fact and fiction that show us how close we have been to the brink, how often, and what might happen should we step over the edge. Not pleasant reading, perhaps, but necessary.


They Only have One Movie. :icon_rolleyes:


NOW - Prince Charles claims a “vast military-style campaign” is required to marshal a “fundamental economic transition.”

Speech/Video @ Src:

Regards this comment, “…trillions at his disposal”, anyone know who he is referring to here?


“at its” disposal. The market.