Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



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This Scientific paper by 21 Scientists that was peer reviewed and published is being censored in the media and on social media platforms. It feels like we are entering the dark ages again. Here is a response from a couple of the authors in relation to this censorship by non-scientists sponsored by Big Tech and their ideological allies.

“When we discovered this, we carried out our own “fact-check fact-check.” Using the “fact-checking” framework developed by Climate Feedback, we found their farcical “fact-check” was guilty of 11 of the 14 classes of misinformation the website warns against, while Newman’s article made none of them.”

“However, the almost comical nature of this supposed “fact-check” has prompted us to ask why science reporting is being subjected to “fact-checking” in the first place.”


Ireland, long famed for generations of turf production, is now receiving shipments of foreign peat with national reserve stockpiles said to be exhausted.

Some 3,600 tonnes of horticultural peat arrived from Latvia into Drogheda Port in Co Louth on Saturday, where it was met by a fleet of 200 trucks.

The unusual freight landed amid ongoing tensions between industry growers and the Government following the cessation of commercial peat production in the wake of a 2019 High Court ruling.