Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



Yes that’s it!




Can’t really take Prince Charles seriously about this topic of energy usage/climate.

His lifestyle must consume many multiples the CO2 volume in comparison to the average person.
(If we’re going to play that game. )


Ring of Fire

Boris Johnson on the twitter machine:

I’ll be asking world leaders to take action on coal, cars, cash and trees – to keep alive the prospect of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.


I guess we now know the temp at which you boil a frog.


This whole thing is a fucking sham
Fuck all to do with climate shite and I’ve a giant pain in my hole with all the new converts.


Greta has been videoed outside COP enthusiastically chanting you can shove your climate crisis up your árse, so is she for or against global warming? hard to know now


Can We, Yes We Cans

Oh yea I only heard the “no more blah blah blah”, what age is she now she must be a young adult, anyway sounds like she is dishing out some of that old school guru mindlessness programming with a few cans of dutch gold by the road side… yep checked it she’s 18 now, no longer has that special “child” status, she be all using curse words now, she’s really serious about change. Yes She Cans.

Slightly longer video:




original guest list had 500 people on it

all those flights hey


He better cut back on his travelling.
Wouldn’t want his house to disappear under rising sea levels.


Must be good craic to be at that sort of thing


‘The end is nigh’ people used to be seen as delusional, hang out on street corners and be ignored by almost everyone that walked by them. Now the same people run the world.


Surely you can see their fingerprints in everything. The offer, Death. The solution, Death. What’s not to like? They come in Peace and Safety don’t ya know so it’s cool man, like totally cool. :surfing_man:



Ok. Bookmark Climate Justice. . St. Mary of Ireland just has. Can’t bring myself to link. Fffffffffffffsake. There is no end to this bollox.

Oi, conquistador. Rub your fckin self up against this cabbage.


I linked a video in another thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

She’s wearing her little wef badge genuinely looks rattled & upset - worried about a “safe future” and how this is happening on “your watch”.

So question is - is she talking about the climate?


A valium and good lie down is what you need, I think. Angry little man.

The Death of Dublin

Barry Soetoro with her husband Michael don’t wanna miss the boat. …

Edit … whoops already posted. Well done.



Does no ones blood run cold on sight or sound of this newly popularised term? :icon_beer:

It should, but it should be no surprise, a quick scan will outline how far back this has issue has been massaged into place:

2007 - Petrol Prices - The Cost of Oil

2008 - Carbon Taxes, unconstitutional (The Great Carbon Diet Plan)

2009 - Carbon Tax

2009 - A carbon tax -what would it look like ?

Reading the 2008 thread, my position was very clear indeed, it has remained unchanged, and the shite being called out then is the shit that needs to be stopped now - that historical thread serves to frame the dynamic of the current madness with the separation of time and the awesome reality bending power of foresight viewed in hindsight. :icon_cool:

I know so many folks love naturalnews too as a source so I’ll post this for the craic! :wink: