Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good




Do you think we should rename a “cold” a “warm” instead?

I mean, you might get a temp with a bad cold, so why not call it a “warm”, and if the climate is really changing like all the people really say it is, then seasonal “warms” makes a lot more sense than seasonal “colds”, it just feels more in keeping with Climate Honesty.



Suppose there will be loads more of this in the years to come


Whats so funny about the first one is that it is completely made up bollocks. SUV’s are not the 7th biggest emitter of C02. Try dividing by a very large number and it might be a bit more accurate. As rough estimate I’d guess the total C02 emission of SUV’s are somewhere between the total C02 emission of termites in Chad and the total C02 emission of the rice paddies in the Mekong basin in Cambodia. Some small fraction of a part per trillion per year.

You find that the SUV number is from some paper written by someone with a PhD in eco-bullshit who has no grasp of basic mathematics. Or basic science for that matter… As they say in the business, a number pulled out of their arse with no basis in reality.


Here’s their source.

How SUVs conquered the world – at the expense of its climate | Environment | The Guardian


Do not forget the BANKERS whom hoist & foist the Climate Change Carbon Tax festival of death, have planned for you and your children to eat insects instead of traditional diet, for those of you still left on “their” reservations.


So these guys…

She had a MsC in something called “Environmental Engineering” from some Poly in Milan and he has a bachelors degree in what look like electrical engineering from a technical college in Athens.

No sign of any actual paper or details on models used or data sources. So it just looks like typical international org BS. When you drill down original sources are either incomplete, wrong, or misquoted.

For those who dont know who the IEA are its these guys.

So very much a very biased source of information. They are the enemy.

Just another of the international orgs once set up that never gets abolished. No matter how irrelevant they are. A bit like the ILO. The League of Nations lives.


I think Covid is destroying what little trust people had in politicians. But also in science/scientists and otherwise previously unquestioned organisations. The fall out from the GFC is within living memory for all adults and compounds it all too.

It will filter down to many other things, rightly or wrongly, climate change is one I`m betting will be impacted.


Also I reckon the rise in the popularity of the SUV is related to the reduction in the production of station wagons. Almost nobody does them anymore. Other factors are the more recent requirements to have kids in car seats until they are near teenagers in some countries. Kids car seats a big, you need the space.

In the US when they criticise SUVs this is the type of vehicle they refer to:

Whereas in Europe many SUVs are more comparable in size to a camry just tend to be blockier. So more rubbish divisive crap imported from the US of A


In all honesty, there is little difference in fuel consumption between a “crossover” or compact SUV and a saloon car, but as shown above, those monsters are real gas guzzlers as well as being mostly unsuitable for Irish rural roads and car parks.
It seems to me that most car park specifications were drawn up when the average car was a Ford Cortina (mk 1) these vehicles were significantly narrower than the current Focus model.
so they’re tight for most average cars and those monsters need two spaces.

But getting back to reducing energy waste, to reduce pollution etc,
The one thing that was completely ignored was the subject of planned obsolescence, make products that last a long time to reduce waste.
If a product lasts 25 years, you only need to make 500 instead of 2500 if they need replacing after only 5 years. The reduction in waste at every step from quarry to landfill is considerable.


Demand for housing has led to a rise in subdivisions, and a loss of yard space and the trees they contain.

Block sizes for new houses across Australian cities have plummeted by 22 per cent — to an average of 467 square metres — in the past 15 years, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

In Melbourne alone, about 240,000 new lots — including houses and units — have been created since 2015 as a result of subdivision…

“In most Australian cities, the density of the canopy cover is diminishing at various rates,” Dr Moore said…

It can make our cities 4–10 degrees Celsius hotter than surrounding rural areas, according to research from RMIT’s Sustainability and Urban planning program.

On 4 January 2020, the western Sydney suburb of Penrith was one of the hottest places on Earth at 48.9C… few places are suffering as severely as western Sydney…

“The mistakes [in urban design] being made in western Sydney are being made in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth. We’re not really thinking [about] how … we deal with the changing climate, particularly heat”…

How did we get here?

Successive governments in NSW have talked about “liveable suburbs” as they grapple with waves of migration, demand for housing and soaring property prices.

The state’s population will swell by 3.3 million to more than 11 million by 2061, according to the latest intergenerational report, requiring 1.7m extra homes.

More than half that growth will come from immigrat

Australia will effectively twice repeat the population growth experienced over 2000 to 2020, with Sydney and Melbourne each growing by another 3.2 million and 3.6 million people respectively over the next 40 years!


Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London, is Founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.



If you want a poster child for the new trans-national elite look no further than Mariana Mazzucato. She has spent her whole life in the upper reaches of academia after growing up in one of the most cosseted environments possible. She went to Princeton High for fucks sake. A good friend went to high school there. It maker Exeter or Lawrenceville (up the road), top US private prep schools, look diverse and like inner city high schools.

She is a typical Italian academic economist in that she is a true believer in the state running large parts of the economy. Believes in derigismo. Large parts of the Italian economy are still run by huge companies that are the direct descendants of the industry sector combines “rationalized” by Mussolini back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. ENI being just one of many.

So her books and papers are just the same old shit wrapped in new academic wrappings telling us stupid plebs that life would be so much better if our intellectual superiors (like her) were running state owned companies that controlled all key parts of the economy.

So just Soviet central planning in a Guardian friendly form. Not that most current Guardian readers would have any problem with a return of Soviet Central Planning. They always see themselves as the apparatchiks and the nomenclature of the New World Order. And not future gulag material. Which is where so many of their type ended up in the 1930’s. The only sliver lining of those terrible times. The Revolution feeding its own into the meat grinder. By the hundreds of thousands. Small consolation to the millions of innocent people who were collateral damage.


Bit like the caste who’ve spent the past 40 odd years cheerleading the dismantling of every aspect of what was a fairly egalitarian society on this island, run for the most part by people who had a healthy suspicion of the self importance of those cosseted liberal elites….

You know, the types who despised every aspect of Ireland because it wasn’t sufficiently elite-led, run as it was by farmers sons and the like.

Well they have their elite led society now, governed by products of all the grand educational institutions, rather than the CBS.

Interesting that many of the former cheerleaders don’t seem overly enthused, eh JMC?

Maybe it wasn’t so fucking bad after all what?


Your Ireland existed in reality about as much as Dev’s fair maidens dancing at the crossroads.

It was a nasty vindictive close-minded back stabbing rabble rousing failed state run by gombeens, gurriers and gobshites. The hypocrisies may have changed but thats all. The huge difference now is that the dirty washing is now in public for all to see. Unlike 40 or 50 years where their was a conspiracy of silence. By almost everyone. Still little or no personal responsibly or consequences for those in power but at least now there is chance, no matter how small, that the guilty might have their day in court. Little chance of conviction but I’ll take progress were I can get it.

Now the problem in Ireland is not the “elites” such as it is but it has outsourced all decisions and so responsibility elsewhere. To the EU and other international clusterf*cks. As you might have noticed I have always compared Ireland with other small countries with equivalent histories like Norway and Finland. They have their own problems and their own fuckups (is there anyone more irritating than Gro Harlem Brundtland) but when you start comparing these countries track records with Irelands dismal history, well…

So who are these new generation of “elites” who rule Ireland. Lets look at the current “elites” government. A failed history teacher, a failed management consultant, some guy who qualified as a doctor but never really practiced, a guy who worked in marketing, two hereditary TDs, another teacher, an accountant , a guy who worked in insurance, a farmer, someone who worked in the bank, two more teachers, and two guys who never had a real job in their lives. Tossers. So pretty much the same as any cabinet of 40 or 50 years ago. Although no publicans, small shop keepers, or auctioneers I notice which were a mainstay in the old days. But just as many cute-hoors.

Nor has the political psychology changed much either. Just a slavish adherence to the current clerical catechism . 40 or 50 years ago it was the Roman Catholic religion, now its the religion of wokism in all its forms. 40 or 50 years ago the country was so supine and absolutist in its conformity to the clerical catechism that it would not recognize divorce in any from. Even RC annulments. A pattern repeated elsewhere at the time. And now it is so supine and absolutist in its adherence to the current received doctrine of the Church of Woke that it plans to dismantle major parts of modern industrial society and civil society just to confirm to the most extreme interpretation of what is little more than a crank religion.

So plus ca change.

And your point was?


‘De Valera’ blah de fucking blah.

‘Woke’ is the natural outcome of the ‘liberalising’ project of the past 40 years. And especially the hijacked, one sided ‘debates’ of the past decade. Or did you miss the fact that there was only one ‘correct’ opinion that could be aired in the public square? Those who did not object to the manner in which those ‘debates’ were conducted, who revelled in the vindictiveness if not the outcome, have very little credibility when attempting to pass themselves off as critics of the current mess.

The triumphalism that accompanied what the useful idiots perceived as the takedown of their perceived nemeses was pretty pathetic in hindsight….would you not agree? Was it not simply a dry run for what we are now currently experiencing to the nth?

Certainly in terms of crafting a narrative and pursuing a social media led campaign of disinformation it was identical.

All cheerled and promoted by the same academics and bien pensant advocates of ‘progress’ that danced around Dublin Castle a few years ago celebrating the death of much more than a perceived ruling caste.

So ‘heres the deal’, as someone else might say. This is all the natural, logical and only possible outcome of a generational movement toward reductionist elite advancement. The eradication by design of the Irish working class and their offspring was a step along the way. How many steps beyond convincing people to abort their young en masse is it to forcibly injecting them with an experimental serum? About 3 fucking years seems the likely answer.

All validated by the ‘science’ as espoused by the now celebrity talking heads of Trinity, UCD and elsewhere….all in the name of progress.

You reap what you sow.


And yet somehow the Irish people still managed to see a greater improvement in their standard of living in 90 years of independence until 2008 than in the previous 700. Dublin city in 1913:



The past was the past. Technology & development moves on.

The question, IMHO, is what kinds of present/future do we want? (think multiple timeline scenarios a la ‘back to the future’. )

The people in those photos had improvements ahead in their future.
People of today (and their children, if the have any) might well be debt slaves for the foreseeable future.