Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good


A sharp reminder of why oversized EV’s are an unbelievably stupid idea.
EV’s need to be small and modestly powered to be any way realistic to own and run, plenty of examples of such cars are now rolling off the production lines.
So no excuses to not getting a realistic EV with acceptable performance and decent range.
Not a battery powered tank!


Less is more. Peasant.

A British investment fund could buy upwards of 123,000 acres of rural Ireland as part of a deal to help Coillte meet its climate targets.

The State’s forestry agency is aiming to plant around 247,000 acres of new forests by 2050, an area larger than Co. Dublin.

Half of that land will be purchased through a not-for-profit vehicle, with the remaining 123,000 acres coming through a partnership with an investment company.

“We’re seeing these failures happening in a shorter time frame on the new turbines,” Fraser McLachlan, CEO of insurer GCube Underwriting, told Bloomberg, “and that’s quite concerning.”

Archaeologists in the Austrian Alps have uncovered remarkable remains that suggest European bison were able to feed at much higher altitudes than today, a process, they note, that could only happen if the average summer temperature was at least 3-6°C higher. Even more remarkable is the discovery of pollens on animal remains that indicate a climate approximately 4-7°C warmer.

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