Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good

End of snow or no end of snow…

Four-week diesel driving ban in Munich: What has happened so far


Cos Swamp Island is different.


No unnecessary journeys.

When governments get to decide if your journeys are necessary or not …

If sitting at home in worldwide lockdowns didnt dramatically reduce co2 then you really need to pick on something other than the plebs transportation:

The deception with the climate thing really puts the deception over covid in the ha’penny place.

And all because everyone is too scared to challenge the lies. Just like Covid.

Former minister who introduced retrofit grants has to abandon plans for own home because of high cost

The former minister who introduced the home retrofit grant scheme had to abandon plans to avail of it for his own house because of the cost.

Denis Naughten, who as minister for environment introduced the first grants in 2017, said the price quoted for retrofitting his home last year jumped 53pc in three months.

He has called on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), which runs the National Retrofitting Scheme, to examine how it is being implemented on the ground.

“I have been hugely frustrated by it,” he said.

Mr Naughten said he was out of pocket after paying €750 for the required pre-works home energy assessment which is partially repaid once works go ahead.

“It’s a worthless piece of paper and I can’t get anything back for it,” he said.

The grants scheme was overhauled last year to encourage homeowners to opt for deep retrofit projects covering windows, doors, insulation, solar panels and heat pumps.

Former minister who introduced retrofit grants has to abandon plans for own home because of high cost -

Indonesia unveils construction site of new capital city. Will it be a ‘massive ecological disaster'? | Euronews.

Other countries building entirely new cities

They’ve gone full batshit crazy now. We’re no different to rodents essentially.

Those pre Western, pre Industrial societies “at one with Gaia” had infant mortality rates of 50% plus, one third of child bearing women died before the age of 30, and if a child survived to adulthood it had maybe a 50/50 chance of reaching its 50’th birthday.

Oh yeah, once or twice a decade they would have suffered serious hunger for months at a time and every few generations up to 50% of adults would have died due to famine and disease.

Not just total bollocks but dangerous bollocks . Just think of these people as charlatans and ignorant fantasists who want to commit genocide and you would not be too far off the mark.


Guest says not even taxis should be allowed in a bus lane

“A recent study conducted by the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science has found that almost 1 in every 4 farmers are considered to be at risk of suicide.”

Either insider information or pure bollix, I go with the latter for the obivious reasons.

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Has she not more pressing family matters to attend to?