Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



Short answer, one where we have a modern lifestyle without destroying the planet.


Is that possible as part of the EU open borders free trade world market type bloc


I’ll take the lying incompetents c*nt of today any day over the utterly squalid shit hole and the people who ran it that was Ireland 40 and 50 years ago. And earlier. Do you know why more than 1/3 of the people born in the 26 counties after 1920 were living abroad by 1960? Because the people you seem to think so highly of were fucking worthless when given any political power. Worse than worthless. All they could do was create a theocratic soul destroying prison which wallowed in self-pity and its self inflicted poverty which very large numbers of people wanted to escape from. There was a large pull as well as push when it came to leaving.

As for the lack of any widespread public discussion or dissent for the worse excess of the new woke theocracy in Ireland. That is purely an Irish cultural failing. There are major political parties in Norway, Denmark and Finland who complain in the loudest possible terms over the last few decades about the worst excess of the new elites. These parties even form parts of governments and make major changes in policy. And you will find often very acrimonious discussion on these subjects in their national media. This has been going on for decades.

But given the very deliberate dominance of the state propaganda arm in Ireland RTE and ownership of most of the rest of the media by a succession of cute hoor con men there is barely a squeak. This is not the “elites” fault, this is an Irish cultural problem. Or rather the problem of a complete lack of any civic political culture and that most people dont give a fuck about the subject as long as their pocket is not picked too blatantly by the tax man. There still is only two parties in Ireland, Me Fein and Sinn Fein.

So will the Holohan’s or the NPhet people of this self-inflicted catastrophe ever see the inside of a court to face questions for what they have done? Nope. Thats guaranteed. Will there be any serious political consequences for the criminal incompetence of the politicians in power. Nope. In fact so little has changed in Irish political culture over the last few generations that the most popular political party is an exactly copy of Fianna Fail in 1928. Full of exactly the the same kind of thugs, crooks and murders as 90 years ago. They wont give a fuck about consequences or responsibility. Only power. And revenge.

I despise the craven incompetents currently in power at the moment. But I despised even more the people they replaced and everything they stood for. Stupid, ignorant, knuckle-dragging petty tyrants who created a barren world of petty evils. And thats because I remember exactly what Ireland was like in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. The last thirty years have been a vast improvement on so many levels when it comes to day to day living. Reflected by the fact that the majority of people born in Ireland after 1980 are still living in Ireland.

So lets just imagine we were back with the political elites of your “Good Old Days” . What would they have done different in the current situation? Well given that they were so supine to the opinion of the Vatican that the Nuncio was defaco a senior member of the cabinet what do we find are the Vatican current vaccine position and position of various woke policies. Well the Pope is even more extreme in his pro vaccine politics than even Draghi and most of the regional governors. And although he has not got on the Right To Chose bandwagon he ticks pretty much every woke political box there is. So no change there. Except the government misters would treat the Vaticans opinions on these subjects as Political Infallible. Just like they did in the “Good Old Days”.

I’m damned if I can see any improvement. But with the huge disadvantage of all that extra “baggage” which made the Ireland of those years so grim.


In 1919 Ireland was the second poorest region in the richest country in the world. Better off than Norway and about equal to Switzerland. By 1960 it was the second poorest country in western Europe. After Portugal. Half the per capita income of Norway and one third of Switzerland. By 1980 it had climbed to just below average. Not exactly a stellar record by any accounts.

As for those photos, they prove nothing. You should find the photos of Summerhill in the 1960’s and 1970’s Little different. Anyone upstairs on the 41A bus to the Airport during the summer in the 1970’s when windows were open would have a ringside seat and could look inside some of the worst slums in Europe at the time. If anyone deserves a statue its Tony Gregory because he made those slums go away. In a very short time. Which almost 60 years of utterly useless local TDs did not.


That’s Irish Times style revisionism:

But these are exactly the policies Fianna Fáil pursued on an annual basis under Éamon de Valera, a government that built 132,000 homes between 1932 and 1938 — that’s an average of 22,000 a year

Believe it or not, I have started to hear a few extremely unlikely people, from SCD ladies-who-lunch to art scene hipsters, talking about how they can see now the point of pre-Bertie Fianna Fáil.


oh goody the banks are our knights in shining armour


This is the theocratic prison I grew up in. As you can see, pain and suffering etched on the gulag-stained faces of everyone of them….

Rural to urban emigration has existed everywhere. To include Swedes and Finns to the States en masse. Scots to England. Not forgetting that the largest haemorrhaging of people from this island occurred during the the 1840s whilst we were part of the wealthiest, most ‘progressive’ bloc on earth at that time. Sounds familiar right? Just that today it’s the other side of your great game who happen to hold sway….whist the current purveyors of science and progress discuss sticking experimental vaccines into infants.


No masks. No qr codes. How did they manage to survive??? All the great petrol cars before the £ucking $reens brought the diesel smelly §hite


Towards mandatory Green Public Procurement (GPP) requirements under the EU Green Deal: reconsidering the role of public procurement as an environmental policy tool

The aim of this paper is to analyze the inclusion of Green Public Procurement (GPP) requirements in the EU public procurement regime. The debate about moving towards greener public purchasing has been fueled afresh in the wake of the EU Green Deal, which highlights the significance of a public procurement regime in pursuing the existing environmental policy goals at EU level. This is also reflected in other key EU policy documents, such as the Circular Economy Package, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the climate change legislation implementing the Paris Agreement. In this context, this paper aspires to map the intersections between the public spending decisions of contracting authorities and their discretion in inserting environmental considerations through the lens of increasing compliance with the adopted environmental targets.

the European Commission started infringement procedures against Ireland for failure to fulfil its obligations under EU environmental law to designate 217 ‘Sites of Community Interest’ (SCIs) as Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) within a strict six-year time period.](

The matter exploded to the top of the agenda in late September, thanks to a leaked document from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) commissioned by the Dutch ministries of agriculture and finance. It revealed several scenarios were drawn up to buy out farmers. In one, buyouts were no longer optional if required, but compulsory.


It couldn’t possibly be that weather is simly statistically noisy due to insufficient data. Trends are unreliable in small sample sizes



Both government and opposition parties in Australia are pro 'big Australia '. So with that in mind I jave no idea how you achieve what the article authors say is necessary without addressing migration:

To do its share in limiting global warming to below 1.5℃ this century, Australia must cut emissions by 75% below 2005 levels this decade


No idea how you get to 75% reduction on year 2005 without shipping millions of people somewhere else. The moon maybe?


I decided to do a very deep dive through the original published papers and historical background to the atmospheric effect a.k.a the Green House Effect. As well as all the relevant geophysics literature. Now the physics and maths I know inside out but the deeper I dug the more the more the disjunct between the two sides became - the geophysics / physics on one side and the atmospheric model science on the other.

Now the atmospheric model science is built on a base of very loose sand. In fact the original Energy Balance models are simplified to the point of just being an interesting mental exercise. Not a reasonable model of the real world system. All later elaborations really dont solve the fundamental problems of the original papers. But that was not the big problem I was having. There was a growing sense of either I am going nuts or I am missing something very simple here.

Here is the problem. The temp of the physical surface of the earth is between 9C and 11C . The apparent temp of the sun from the surface of the earth is around -16C. Minus 16. Yet the sun was supposed to be the only relevant energy source for the energy balance models with the earths surface energy input being so small it could be ignored. I look at the numbers from the geophysics side 80 mW / m2 and then look at the solar input number used by the 341 W / m2. Thats a five order of magnitude difference. That made no sense at any level.

But as I read further into the geophysics literature it finally struck me. These geophysics guys look like they are using the SI units correctly. In units per second. The climate modelers are using an annual number. Units per year. Which is seven orders of magnitude bigger.

So either the very small earth surface value becomes very big. Or the solar input number becomes very small. When converted to the same units of measure in the same time interval. Need to confirm that the geophysics guys really are using unit/sec for calculating the surface heat transfer value but if this turns out to be correct that this is probably one of the biggest scientific screw ups in a long long time. Like a cross between N Rays and Lysenkoism.

Saying that, the pure atmospheric physics guys published work look pretty solid scientifically, as do the mesoscale modellers (the weather forecast guys) but almost everyone who has written anything related to Energy Balance models and related climate modelling over the last 50 years seem to be very light weight scientifically. Get a real sense that the area really attracts the second rate people in the field.

So in the end it may all boil down to an even bigger and much more embarrassing repeat of the loss of Mars Climate Orbiter
What do you mean you were using metric to do your calculations? We did everything in pounds and inches…

One set of guys use energy units per sec numbers. The other guys use energy unit per year numbers.

Just stupid enough to be correct.



Either that or it’s just a very controlled field and narrative. Good to keep the populace in fear. I don’t doubt that climate change is real, I doubt the extent of the anthropomorphic influence when compared to the big nuclear fission reactor in the sky or the geology under our feet. We have effects on pollution, erosion, and deforestation has effects on regional atmospheric temperature, humidity. But when I see articles like this I get more and more suspicious of the climate narrative. Also the way it’s now being used to help usher in the reset.




Nah. There are just very much third division people. All areas of science have sub disciplines where the not very good congregate. Its just in this case the “science” has been hijacked by the Eco-Fascists and their fellow travelers. Who want to destroy modem society. Basically the Green Great Leap Forward. With the same results as with Mao. Thats the problem.

I did get to the bottom of the SI units problem. It was too unbelievable to be true. The real answer turned out that a magic number approximation had been created out of thin air which is why it was so confusing. I kept looking for a full worked set of equations. There are none. They took a value, divided by 4, and decided that was close enough. Except that the approximation is in error by a margin that is greater than the observed changes that “prove” AGW is true…

Its like that everywhere you look in the “Climate Science” literature. By this stage I would say that they are even worse than economists when it comes to abuse of basic mathematics. Lets wrap up a bunch of assumptions that leave out all the hard stuff and wrap it in a bunch of equations. To make it look impressive. Its probably the first time I’ve seen a sub-discipline where the old joke - keep making variables into constants (approximations i.e guesses) until you can solve the equation - is the default approach to all problems.


I think it happens more often than people think. Someone inflates the solidity / definitiveness of a citation or footnote, then that gets propagated, everyone then takes it as gospel for the next 20 years etc.


This is another banking system connected insider telling us about the agenda. Similar to Catherine Austin Fitts.

…Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, has serious concerns that injection passports will be used more like data passports to control participation in society…