Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good

A loanmower you mean, anyway, that goes against the principals of consumerism where everyone has their own lawnmower that needs replacing every few years because they’re designed not to last.
Commercial grade ones are mostly too expensive for individuals to buy and would last for years before wearing out.

Isn’t that common sense? no point in installing a heating system that cannot heat the house in winter.
Most heat pumps I’ve seen only guarantee to reach 35C, the rest is electrical resistance heating.

Menace menace everywhere

Murphy is taking aim at neighboring Gov. Kathy Hochul over New York’s congestion pricing program — with an ad campaign aimed at wooing Big Apple residents and businesses into relocating to his state, The Post has learned.

“New York’s congestion tax scheme is unfair for North Jersey commuters who already pay so much in tolls and fees,” Murphy said in a statement, referring to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority‘s controversial higher “congestion tax” that Jerseyans would have to pay to enter Midtown Manhattan.

Ya don’t say… but they did say.

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“If you’re worried about burning fossil fuels in your car engine, you should be as worried about the wear from tyres”, Molden said. “Tailpipe emissions really only affect the air, whereas tyre wear affects air, soil and water.”

Just generally worry because there’s so much to worry about.

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Far left extremists have the answer for climate change.

Ban private jets…

Then ban private cars?

Enjoy! :suicide:

Seriously, do these people forget that ICE vehicles also have tyres!

Defund the wheel.


Rewild it with a few 'fuguees no?

RTE: “aristocract”


Need a laugh?


These foolish anti EV stories will continue as sales of EVs increase, as batteries get better a lot of vested interests are getting worried


Electricity prices to rise by up to a quarter in parts of Australia after energy regulator issues market default decision | Energy | The Guardian.

Electricity prices up 25% in Australia. After multiple v. large increases recently. On top of inflation and wage stagnation. I also suspect things like solar and batteries will not reduce dramatically in price. I think they may in fact rise in cost too.

Solar works fantastically somewhere like Australia…but…unless you have serious money to burn and can go completely off grid (multiple home batteries and huge solar array) you will always have a bill.

Due to the nature of the sun and peak solar production being the middle of the day…you will be requiring grid power to make up the lack of solar at peak times.

This will cost you 42cent per KWh
You will sell your solar for 15c per KWh

So you need to generate more than double the KWhs to equal what you buy from the grid.
AGL Solar Savers.

Not only that but they want to now charge people for excess solar

I agree, we got the big price drops already, the lower you go the harder it gets. With batteries its not just price, its also cycle life, which will continue to improve, and is also linked to price, which some people don’t really understand

But you don’t need to go off grid to save money, thats why people install PV, its all about the money, same as EVs, EVs are better to drive which is another bonus

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