Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good


Joe Biden has blamed the deadly tornadoes that ripped through six US states, killing up to 100 people, on climate change.

5 years and we’re all doomed


Or to paraphrase, some guy who studied politics and history at UCD thinks its the end of the world because of something that has been happening for the last 3 billion odd years. And at a small fraction of the rate for most of the last 10,000 years.
I hate it when these anti-science people start spreading misinformation. They need to be fact checked.


RUSSIA has blocked an attempt by Ireland to push climate change to the centre of concerns for the United Nations Security Council.

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said he was disappointed with Russia’s stance but encouraged by the support shown by most of the other council members.

“We regret the decision of Russia to use its veto to block the adoption of this ground-breaking resolution,” Mr Coveney said.

Russia had argued climate change already received sufficient attention from UN scientific and economic bodies.


Swamp Islands High Chief Builderburger Back Better Representative served humbled Piesky.

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From Pills post in the coronavirus thread:

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Loads of reports but I dont see a BBC report? Have I missed it
d. Transport minister, Trudy Harrison, said any new proposals would be “fit for the future” of road travel. It could spark the beginning of the end of petrol and diesel car ownership as the pressure rises to meet pollution targets.
She added it was “staggering” almost two-thirds of trips were conducted by lone drivers.

Ms Harrison also added the UK was now at a “tipping point” where shared transport would soon be a “realistic option” for many.

She made the comments to delegates at the Collaborative Mobility UK transport conference.

oh look Forbes were pushing this earlier in the year

Cities are also starting to introduce charges for using personal vehicles, with extra fees on the top for more polluting vehicles, such as London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone or Bristol’s Clean Air Zone. Allied to this, UK cities are adding lanes for cyclists, with varied reception from local inhabitants, which incentivize bikes while increasing traffic jams. There are lots of US cities where car ownership has been more of a hindrance than a benefit for years, with very little value for daily travel, only for occasional journeys out of town. If you live in Manhattan, for example, the need for a car is minimal, and actually more of a liability.

But our need to own one all the time is diminishing. The advent of autonomous taxis, which are already in commercial use in China, could make on-demand ride hailing even easier than the likes of Uber and Lyft have already made it.

Back in 2019…


But with growing adoption of shared (and potentially autonomous) mobility, the importance of policies designed to more directly incentivise the use of EVs over conventional vehicle travel will grow. These policies could include fuel taxes, zero-emission zones, road pricing, HOV and transit lane access, incentives for electric mobility services, or even restrictions on the use of conventional vehicles.



Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

Volume 789: debated on Tuesday 20 February 2018

Lord Lucas (Con)
To make automated vehicles possible, we will need some form of common ownership. We ought to reflect that in the insurance clauses in the Bill.


I suspect that for a lot of people if the choice is climate change as it is presented in the media versus no cars then many will choose to keep their car and say to global heating, bring it on.

Remember Eamonn Ryan doesnt want to build anymore motorways and he wants the rural folk to share a car in the local village


estimates the time required for 60% of global warming to take place in response to increased emissions to be in the range of 25 to 50 years

the time lag between a carbon dioxide (CO2) emission pulse and the maximum warming increases for larger pulses. Our results suggest that as CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere, the full warming effect of an emission may not be felt for several decades, if not centuries.




Ah, yes “since records began”. A great BS term.

Of the 40 plus historical Met Office stations about half are post WW 2 and only about 6 are pre 1900. The oldest is 1830’s ish.

So actually probably warmest New Years Eve since the 1940’s, might be the warmest day since 1900. Before that no real data to support claim

So just the usual media bullshit.

For a start it was damn sight warmer even in the Medieval Warming Period. More like Southern France. In a mild year.


Yep, 15c is no big deal anytime of year anywhere in Ireland or the UK


Exactly. Usually when built back 100 years ago they would be on the suburbs or in the country side. The expansion of towns surrounded them with heat emitting houses which would add up to the temperature the sensors pick up.
But they most likely falsified the readings. Same as “pcr test for the viru$ and it’s variants”.
New Year’s Eve is just a random 1 out of 365 days. They would pick any day on the record to suit the agenda to be followed and spill the bullshit on the gullible sheep.


Was nice, warm and sunny to enjoy some few bottles of lager and spirit liqueur from the sterling hip flask on the open. 2 do$e$ and a booßter :beer::beer::tumbler_glass:


Talk about moving the goal posts!

Technically, nuclear power is clean at generation, but really dirty when the spent fuel is disposed of, how they can call gas clean after all the recent talk of banning it is beyond comprehension. But in reality they know that it cannot be replaced.




The Chilean guy is another fucking moron with a PhD. This is his dissertation. Turgid pseudo intellectual drivel.

Well I suppose it is UVA after all. His dissertation supervisor is so typical of US university history and politics faculties since the 1960’s. Writes really badly written and quite silly papers and books about very interesting subjects getting even basic facts wrong.

The utter intellectual wasteland of US history and politics faculties is quite a shock when compared with the still very high quality scholarly writing found in UK, French and German university history faculties. A lot of the European scholarly output is worth reading, almost none of the US output is. Especially about US history and politics. Now that all the pre 1960’s academics have retired.