Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good



It’s compacted, glued (OK resined) sawdust shite.

I also wonder about the amount & type of chemicals in modern cleaners, air fresheners etc, now.


Not just that but look what happens when you import from places with no health and safety standards (and worse do free trade deals where checks are limited to almost nothing)

foreign asbestos has been found in imported building materials, remote control cars, engine gaskets, billiard table irons and Sydney’s new ferries.

The latest foreign asbestos discovery came in September when building material supplies company USG Boral found raw vermiculite it imported from China to make plasterboard was tainted with asbestos.


Anyway the plan to seal up our homes so that heat pumps can actually heat them to any decent level is up in the clouds stuff.

The cost in renovations would be phenomenal. All while everyone is 100% blind to the health dangers.



Nothing wrong with geothermal heat pumps, they can convert low grade heat of around 10C to higher grade heat at around 30C, Ideal for underfloor heating.
The conversion process produces up to 5 x the heat of a simple electrical heating element, so using 1kwH instead of 5kwH of electricity for the same heat output.

Bad ventilation is a different issue altogether, one that is also easily resolved with a heat recovery ventilation system.


Personally I prefer a well ventilated/aired home (as in a tiny draft) and to wear an extra jumper or thermals. Cannot stand stuffy air in winter in a lot of places. Just smells dead & stale…


I will never understand why they don’t drop the waste into subduction zones around the planet, plate tectonics will "suck " it back into the core over time, thus eliminating any risks to future, probably post-human generations.


Absolutely. The perpetual growth economy and the icon of full employment mantra of slaves producing more and more rubbish in toxic environment. They want suffocate us with face diapers and inject with bio weapon for the privilege of working, too.
There are some niches where good quality can be found: antique auction houses, charity shops, second hand sellers. Few years ago I got full set of Nenagh Copper cooking pots and pans for less then 100 euro. Sterling silver cooking and kitchen utensils can be found for less then scrap metal value.
Poisoning chemicals are in everything: water, food, clothes, pans and pots, furniture. Just pick any new item sold today and I’ll point exactly what was used to add to our daily chemical drink.

BTW. Chinese are making some very exclusive and beautiful items, too. It’s not just being imported here by the corporations.



The Menace really needs to be removed from reality forever.

What if We Blotted Out the Sun to Fight Global Warming?

It’s risky, but then again the path we’re on now may be even riskier.

One of the great hopes is something called solar geoengineering, notes Clara Ferreira Marques , which is essentially an attempt to figure out a way to cool the planet by deflecting some of the sun’s rays before they reach us humans. The science isn’t yet there, but a group of scientists argue it should be banned now — and they are not wrong that it is a risky and last-resort proposition. Clara argues it’s “terrifying and terrible in the way that chemotherapy is: We don’t want it, but can we deny ourselves the possibility?” Like they say, read the whole thing.

…So maybe we’ll need to keep solar engineering in our back pocket. It’s not ideal, but it’s a more hopeful vision of the future than the one Clara opens her column with (admittedly, that one’s from a dystopian novel). The more realistic view may come from … the slide decks of Big Oil. Both Exxon and Chevron, Liam notes, “now feature extended discussions of lower carbon businesses.”


‘It is increasing the temperature of the entire world, increasing the sea levels and also causing very chilly winters in some parts of the world.’


Over a seven year period the trend is zero. Over 100 years the extrapolated trend is +0.01°C. Margin of error stuff of course, but probably nothing much to worry about. If temperature keep on rising at this rate, we will hit the 2°C ceiling rise set by the Paris climate conference around the year 3000. Back of an envelope calculation, we should hit the Net Zero 1.5°C target in about 400 years’ time


It’s an old idea.

This video is about spraying water mist above the ocean. 4 years old.
We can control climate, but should we? The ethics of geoengineering | David Schurman | TEDxBrownU - YouTube

There’s a much older TED talk that mentions particles in the air.
He claimed that the Eyjafjallajökull eruption lowered temperatures.

The video is gone and wikipedia now says it didn’t cause cooling.

2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull - Wikipedia

Heading off down the rabbit hole… this was removed from the wiki entry.

While it is suspected that major volcanic eruptions that coincide with cyclic solar minimum activity[74][75] could produce temporary global cooling or reduction in global temperature,[76][77] it is noted[78] that coincidentally the earth-facing side of the Sun was mostly blank with no sun spots since the start of the second eruption phase on 14 until 29 April 2010.[79]

Although the current unusually long solar minimum came to a close earlier this year, the current cycle may witness unusual weak solar maximum. Other research links volcanic eruptions including recent Icelandic activity to the solar cycle. Most consider the climate anomaly of the Year Without A Summer 1816 to have been caused by a combination of a historic low in solar activity with a volcanic winter event; the latter caused by a succession of major volcanic eruptions capped off by the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815, the largest known eruption in over 1,600 years.[80][81][82][83][84] One proposed volcanic winter happened c. 70,000 years ago following the supereruption of Lake Toba on Sumatra island in Indonesia.[85]


“So serious is the crisis that the growing season of 2022 is in doubt. This in itself will add to the inflation pressures for families ion the shops.

“The ban of peat harvesting, the cost of imported peat from Eastern Europe and the increased transportation costs, are hammering the sector,” he added.

The deputy said that many businesses are fighting for survival and as a result are shedding jobs in rural areas where jobs are in short supply.

Not directly related to climate, but no doubt there’ll be indirect effects:

“Every year our net margin was being clipped, going down, down, down,” Mr Lenehan of JCR Lenehan said.

“Vegetables and fruit are underpriced. My cabbage on one retailer’s shelf has gone from around €1.39 five years ago to 99c.”

The farm at Garlow Cross, Co Meath, is a family business in its third generation.

Having “given our lives to it”, Mr Lenehan said it was far from an easy decision to close the business.

“We’ve been ripping out foolscap pages and writing down figures and trying to get them to look right,” he said.

“Being honest, we were only fooling ourselves. They were never going to look right.




IPCC AR6 SPM Credibility Destroyed by “Disappearing” Medieval Warming Period.


Now this is a very funny video. Of how EV’s dont work for anything other than short trips around urban areas.

That looks like the parking lot of the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast in California. Just off 101. The other, more scenic freeway, from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. The reason for the very long line is that SLO is one of the very few recharge points on 101 between Salinas / Gilroy and Santa Barbara. Which is around 250 miles

SLO is 72 miles from Santa Barbara and 190 miles from Gilroy. Not a lot in between apart from miles and miles of ranch land, ag land and cow towns. And the last of the nodding donkeys in King Country from when this was a big oil producing region.

What makes this video even funnier is that there is a Shell gas station on the other side of that parking lot where I can fill up my tank in about 5 mins. When heading north on 101 I usually stop at the Shell and then grab a coffee in the Madonna Inn. For old time sake. Its not been the same since the original owners died and the kids took over. Who unfortunately dont have the same genius for over the top kitsch their parents had. Still worth a stop.

An example.

This is the toned down version…

Maybe not the sort of place the typical local Tesla owner would hang out. But they deserve it.


Queuing for busy chargers is a pain but it still beats paying for petrol, I expect to see €2 a litre soon, prices rising in the US too due to the Biden regime incompetence

The biggest downside to driving an EV is some people assume you’re some kind of treehugger


Those guys in line will be waiting a long time. Many hours. Plus waiting around for an hour or two to get enough power to make it to LA or SF…

It will cost you about $15 for the recharge there but I can get the same range from my gas guzzler for about $25. In and out in under 10 mins. This time last year it was under $20 and two years ago it would have been about $15. In my friends mid size car she could get the Tesla range for about $16 gas. The cheapest gas I bought there would be around $1.80 (its $4.49 at the moment). Which would make it just over $10 for the Tesla charge range. Paid that in late 80’s and late 90’s. And $2.10 about 7 or 8 years ago.

And those are the numbers for a 25 years plus gas guzzler.

And thats with the most expensive gas in the nation. EV charging is only “cost efficient” by artificially jacking up the price of gas by a huge amount and using very heavily subsidized electricity for the chargers. At least in this neck of the woods EV owners are just huge (and very affluent) tax parasites. Always were. Always will be. In a state with more oil reserves than Iraq without even looking at the offshore reserves. Where all exploration has been banned for the last 50 years…

So there aint no shortage of gas. In fact there are many millions of barrels that can be fracked less than 30 miles away from that charging station but the state wont let them. And over in the Kern County field, one county over , make that hundred of millions barrels of top of the official half billion reserves.

Complete and total lunacy.