EA's and property developers move into Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

The conquest is complete. After 28 years.

The overwhelming and unbelievable force of violence that the Sri Lankan government used against the Tamils fighting for independence, supported by western munitions companies and funds, and with an accompanying campaign of propaganda directed against the proud Tamils… was it all for this?

Anyone have any current first hand experience of that part of the world ie India/Sri Lanka? Is it bubble mania time or simply overdue development?

It’s a country where large parts of the population are hungry. And where substantial wealth co-exists alongside this poverty and hunger. It has been a number of years since I’ve been there myself. But from that article, *“All the banks have come here,” he says. “But the way they come here, I think people have not benefited, because they have come with some commercial purpose.” * I can definitely relate to this in the context of Sri Lankan culture.

A good firend built a large house there about 8 years ago. he rekons there’s been a boom in Colombo co-incident with that if the indian mainland which started to happen around that time. Land is no longer cheap in that area, so its not surprising whats happening now in the post tamil era.

I worked in Ampara in Batticaloa district for a year (finished in 2010). As a tourist or an expat resident to go to the north you need to obtain a permission from the ministry of interior in Colombo, alternatively you could fly from Colombo without permission paper but it might be risky if you want to go outside Jaffna. The “royal” family (president and his cohorts) are going in and buying hectares of pristine beaches for pennies and redeveloping the area. Rich Sinhalese are taking over what was once 100 % Tamil land and Tamils dont have a choice but to watch and be quiet about it. In Sri Lanka officially foreigners can buy properties but from talking with people who have lived there for a long time very few do because more than once has government knocked on foreigners door and told him that he/she has 24 hours to leave the country and that the property has been taken by them.
Investing in Sri Lanka only fuels the tyranny or Rajapaksa and his family, also when you buy as an individual in most cases its a leasehold 99y. You can set up a foundation and get the property that way but you have to organize an event and donate to some charity. In other areas mostly eastern parts most towns are predominantly Muslim and they will not allow purchase of land by foreigners no matter what in fact in a small town on the way to Batticaloa there is a patch of land that belongs to Tamil Kovil (temple) and local Muslims have been trying to purchase it for years now, the do not allow Tamils to build anything there but the fact that it is Tamil owned is a torn in eye of the community, it went so far that the Muslim business men sent a blank check for Tamils to fill and community will pay, they refused.

Over all I would rather invest in Somalia than in Sri Lanka at least in Somalia you are aware of the risks in SL you never know whats around the corner.