EAs complaining about BER cert (and the pin gets a mention)

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SEI did make a bit of a mess of it but I think it’s just EAs trying to get out of the BER requirement.

Cheeky bastards, trying to set a floor price through competition :angry:

You can see how that kind of carry on would confuse EA’s.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Surprised no-one has mentioned the irony of the IAVI whining about another group having “untested” individuals out there.

At least the BER assessors had to do a course & pass a test to get accredited. Compare that with the rigours that Auctioneers have to go thru to qualify :unamused:

IAVI members have to have a degree in Property Valuation. The IPAV crowd are a different matter.


yea, fucking A…

300e per shot + vat * number of dwellings …thank you very much.
What dark secret green magic knowledge do they receive at these courses, what incredible skill and judgement do they acquire, how many minutes on the Cray Big blue to perform complex calculations do they need to give a verdict.

Plans of house + basic data on construction type + a few constants and calcs which any civil engineer can look up + excel vb macro (once off job, ill write it in a day, another day to test)will give you a ber cert.

Why does it need to be compulsory, is it not a selling point, if its specified a plus point, if not draw your own conclusions.

Usual Irish ripoff, like 700 euro to plumber to replace a few radiators

It’s closer to 150e per dwelling with the competition. Costs for the assessor are 2000e course, 1000e registration (plus requirement to re-register every year), travel costs to/from dwelling, plus ??e to register each dwelling with SEI. Assessors aren’t going to get rich on this.

So people can make decent comparisons between properties…? Also, the assessor is required to advise the property owner of the most cost-efficient ways to improve efficiency. So it gives people a clear indication of what their best options are.

If you want to see how easy it is just download the software from here,
Just fill in the blanks and download the excel sheet to calc U values.
I expect the price to plumet in the next year or so as more assesors get in on the game.
It is a worthwhile exercise to do this on your own house and see what you could change to be more energy efficent ( I Did) and to see how the figures can be fudged to get a better rating

Yeah, brain surgery, a slice here, a chisel there, throw in a few screws & Bob’s your mother’s brother. :unamused: