EAs moving to myhome in ranelagh

Since last june I have been tracking the price of 3 bed terrace houses in Ranelagh. At the start I compared daft and myhome and concluded that both showed the same numbers of ads. Most pinsters quoted daft so i plumped for that. Recently numbers of houses in ranelagh disappeared off daft so I looked at myhome and found them over there. This seemed to happen in a short space of time and I’m at a loss to figure out why. Suffice to say I’ve added the myhome figures to my survey.

Just to keep you up to date here’s the figures as of now and June 2008. The median asking price has fallen from 945k to 760k (just shy of 20%).

June 2008 (daft)
<500k - 0
<600k - 0
<700k - 0
<800k - 1
<900k - 4
<1m - 5
<1.25m - 7
Total For Ranelagh - 9
% <= 0.8m - 11%
% <= 1.25m - 78%
% > 1.25m - 22%
Median price 945k

March 2009 (myhome)
<500k - 0
<600k - 1
<700k - 6
<800k - 10
<900k -11
<1m - 13
<1.25m - 15
Total For Ranelagh - 17
% <= 0.8m - 59%
% <= 1.25m - 88%
% > 1.25m - 12%
Median price 760k

Thats interesting, seems like you have picked mobile homes :laughing: Anyway it will be interesting to see how long they stay there and how many will be moved back to daft with a further price drop in the next 3-6 months. :angry:

Anyone have any idea how Daft/Myhome are faring marketshare-wise?

Partially answered my own question. Based on Alexa(not perfect I know), myhome is ranked 78th place in Ireland for traffic and Daft is 14th. What is the EA thinking?! :open_mouth:

alexa.com/data/details/traff … /myhome.ie

The Myhome update that happened some time last year left the site in a feckin’ mess. Using a map search was shite - went something like this…
 Search by map, zoom in, then zoom more, then more, then some more.
 Once at your preferred location, click on a property and message window would pop up with the price and first lines of the description.
 Click the link to view the property, read the description etc
 Smirk at the overpriced, misrepresented hole you’re looking at and click back to go to your prefered location again.
 View map of Ireland
 Start the whole crappy clicky process again
FFS :angry:

Anyway, the interface now seems to work. Myhome did an upgrade and launched last Thursday.
 Buyers can search without the shitty clicky above
 Myhome do a sales push to launch the new site
 Daftwatch can’t provide any info on the drops getting droppier anymore