EAs not answering queries - what to do?

Just wondering what people do if they are having repeated bad luck/ lack of information or contact from an EA. Has anyone ever put a note in a vendor’s door and had any reply from the vendor? It’s the nuclear option and one I would prefer not to go down but we’ve been finding a particular agency extremely difficult to get any information out of so I’m starting to have nuclear thoughts… I’m even wondering should we put offers down in writing, conditional on viewing the house though it seems crazy to put an offer in without viewing and goes against every normal instinct I have.

One property you might put down to a problem with that house sale in particular, though why the EA wouldn’t just say so straight up is strange. Other EAs have and that’s fine, you shrug, leave your details in case the situation changes and move on. However, queries on two other properties with the same agency are also meeting with a brick wall of silence and unreturned calls.

Do some agencies have a policy of open viewings only and after that you’ve missed the boat? We’ve money and mortgage approval burning a hole in our pockets here. Is it us or is it them? :confused:

From experience, a letter to the owner(s) will definitely get things going (though you have a very pissed EA to deal with then).

It’s not such a nuclear option. You’ve no responsibility to the EA, particularly if they’re not doing their job properly. If they’re pissed off, so be it.

Hmmm. Thanks for the replies. Only thing is if we end up not getting that place we might have to deal with the agency again (and again)… Still though, it’s handy to know that sometimes people do contact the vendors directly. When we’re selling our house I think I’ll be glad to know if interested parties were having trouble getting a response.

Send a letter to the vendor and a dessicated turd to the EA.

That’s seems to have definitely been the case with the first one. The others we finally got replies on (maybe the EA was on the pin and thought they should pull up their socks :nin ). Anyway, they’re forgiven for the moment.

Though the particular agent who was dealing with the first house will not be forgiven. Two unanswered emails, seven phonecalls between me and the other half where we were obviously fobbed off (e.g. told agent was on a call, then another call made about an hour later and told agent had been out at viewings all day) etc. etc.

I mean, we liked the house and all but we are grown-ups and can accept if there’s an issue with it at the moment and, if necessary, we will move on to look at others. We don’t even need to be told what the issue is. A friendly steer as to whether we should expect to hear anything on it in the near future would be helpful. Just a reply even. I just hate when people get minions to fob me off. I’ve been that minion in a previous life so I have a finely-honed ability to recognise that scenario. It’s cowardly, discourteous and just drags a situation out needlessly.

Sorry - bit of a rant.