EA's still using phantom bidders in Sept 2007???

Old habits die hard, especially if they are the only way you know of making a living.

As I said on another thread there’s a real opening for someone to make some money here.

Start teaching FTB’ers the tricks of the trade !!

For me if I felt I an EA was trying this on me, I’d drop a note into the seller & let them know what I orginally bid & that what the EA told me & then tell them that the bid was now 10k lower.

A lot of these EAs have never experienced a buyers market & their focused on what their commision is, NOT what the seller wants.


offer say 200k , offer stands for 48 hours

You ring back after 48 hours, agent sez there is a higher offer in of 210k

offer 195k and tell the agent your offer stands for 48 hours like the last one …but the agent must ring YOU back as you will not ring again in 48 hours .

If the EA rings back :slight_smile: and tries anything on you tell them that you now offer 190k and the offer, again stands for 48 hours. If the EA does not ring then you walk away.

Naturally you expect the agent to ring back at that time if THEY are still interested.

Eventually the EA figures that the only way to stop you revising your offers down is to accept one of them when they call you .

EAs always use phantom bidders if they think YOU are really interested.

Always behave in a dispassionate manner …no eager puppying here.

Its the agents JOB to get a higher price, they work for and are paid for by the seller . You are simply a means to an end for them

Thats the business they are in and that how its structured.

There’s something not quite right about that thread (the one on Daft)

The very next day after that initial post, the OP says “Now have a fab estate agent I get on really well with who is great with my tenants in rental properties and always emails me on good bargins she thinks I might be interested in.”

So in the first post she is saying she’s ‘lost faith in estate agents’. The next day she reveals she’s an investor and she’s found a fab estate agent?! And she’s looking forward to buying a few more properties? Suddenly she’s not the sort of person who should really be concerned about phantom bids …

does sound fishy alright. there are a lot of people over there that are posting under multiple user names and even trying to pass themselves off as another user by use of a dot or hyphen. i wouldn’t pass an awful lot of heed to what’s posted there besides Mr Anderson and City Centre Agent.

Yep, you do get the impression the entire ‘forum’ is written by only 3 different people.

Of couse you could get a friend to view the house and offer 20% less than what you have offered and get them to laugh when they told there is a bidder at price X. A quip “Well, you had better accept that offer before that person comes to their senses.” would be appropriate too. :laughing: