EAs - What are some of these guys/girls smoking?


And I quote…"

What planet are these guys on? How many “Estate Agents” (I’m using quotation marks to distinguish them from people who may actually be able to do their job) will starve to death when they lose their jobs? Do they not understand the meaning of “infamous”? Or is it some sort of joke?

maybe they got into a bit of agro outside of supermacs.

LOL. The cultural centre of Galway for the tiger generation.

ROFL. I only just noticed the EAs address now. That explains it, I suppose.

Now reads;

That should be. Located within walking distance of Eyre Square.

Did anybody do what that blond woman was asking? :smiley:


That place is about 15 minutes walk to Eyre Square!

It’s about 5 minutes if you’re being chased - hey!, all of a sudden I understand the track suit and the runners!

Coincidence ?? Or is this now the EA website of choice of a slow Monday before the spring selling season ???

We’re infamous. :blush: :wink:


Take my wife…

please… :laughing:

Brilliant! :laughing:

The living room in that appartment is so narrow that it looks more like a corridor leading out to the balcony rather than a living room. Why do people want to live is such tiny appartments?

edit: didnt see the post above

People dont “want” to live in tiny apartments. They dont have a choice.
Thats what happens when you allow developers to set the planning agenda in a country.

Cuirt Seoighe is a development at the far end of Bohermore ( from the Square), 10 mins walk would be fair although the earlier comment about the 5 minute run is most apt.

While the square is certainly infamous if you are stupid enough to go there for a burger at 3am Bohermore does a nice line in 24/7 infamy.

The infamy is almost entirely to do with 2 estates of about 100 houses each at most placed squarely between Cuirt Seoighe and civilisation and as all the local colour is male I have simply searched Google for the magic words ‘Bohermore Man’

Click here to see the results .

Maybe she meant infamous like in the Three Amigos - it means “more than famous”, you know, like El Guapo

Why go to the effort of amateurishly blurring the top floor?
Is there something to hide, or do they not want to be inundated with people thinking it’s a whole house, the price, type, number of bedrooms and description all alude to the fact that it’s a ground floor flat.
They could have just used a more descriptive picture, and even if there’s a knocking shop upstairs I’m sure it would be a bonus for the type of person that this place would do well to attract (single bloke).


Does that really say 25m^2???

Take five paces, turn left take five more. That’s you gaff and here’s you change from a quarter mil. sir…"