East Wall, Dublin - ESB Building now Plantation Hub

It’s been a week of shame, really, for Ireland’s establishment. It’s abundantly clear what that establishment thinks both of the East Wall, and of every other deprived community in the country that is in the process of being turned, without consultation, into a “welcoming centre”.

did we not, in Ireland, only this year have a lengthy lecture from the great and the good about the dangers of toxic masculinity and the risks it poses to women? At one stage, after the murder of Aisling Murphy, one might have thought that every Irish man was a potential sexual murderer. And now, mostly, those same people are dismissing concerns that 300 young men at a loose end might pose a nuisance to local women.


“What happened today was that the meeting of local residents was informed on Tuesday evening that the protest planned for Wednesday was postponed as the local representatives had been informed that Minister Roderic O’Gorman has agreed to meet them on Friday,” local spokesperson, Malachy Steenson, said.

“At that meeting the committee will be demanding that the Minister tell them when the accommodation centre will be closed.”

The committee, on behalf of local residents, is giving the Minister seven days to do this, he said. If such a commitment is not made at the meeting on Friday, then a further protest that has been provisionally planned for Saturday afternoon at 2pm, will go ahead.

Steenson made it clear that the local people are not for backing down on this, and that failure to close the centre in the period indicated will mean that the protests will be “escalated.”

“Lynn Ruane gives an insultingly patronising psychological analysis of the working class people opposing the plantation of their communities, and goes on to state there should be no consultation before migrants are moved in.”

Was conditioned well in TCD.


But sure why would anyone need ID or vetting?


I suppose its just like all the other apartments around the town.

I mentioned here before that the fire officer was ultimately responsible for shutting down the place in Finglas and the reports of windows being smashed etc were fiction (or so I heard.) If DFB say it can’t open as sleeping accommodation then that’s it-nobody has the power to overrule them.

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" but insists refugee centre in East Wall here to stay"

So to the streets again folks.

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More words a must watch Video https://nitter.net/TheLiberal_ie/status/1595541825351196673#m

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" but insists refugee centre in East Wall here to stay"

The Gov know they can’t be seen to lose this one now its got such a high profile. Otherwise the whole pack of cards comes down.

The question is: with what will the minister buy off the people of East Wall? Interesting that its the Finance Minister (and head of EuroGroup) sent in to deal with the revolting proles.

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Never say never

And more importantly, our power is their fear.

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Latest Update - not backing down - https://nitter.net/TheLiberal_ie/status/1596148064208957447#m


Gardai monitoring social media

This is quite an extraordinary turn of events. The main representative and spokesperson who was among the delegation who met the two Ministers today - is a long time local resident. His parents and grandparents also grew up in East Wall.

He also happens to be a solicitor!

An impressive and articulate individual, he completely blows out of the water the notion that this is being driven by “far right” outsiders.

Giving the Government seven days to shut the facility is as definitive and decisive as it gets…


And what do politicians do when their only competency - talking - fails them? Capitulate.
It was stupid of them to expose themselves in this way, letting it be known they were going in to negotiate. Not so smart, if you’re sent packing. Now they are seen to be pitting themselves against the ordinary punter. It reminds me of the mood in the last days of lockdown.

Archived (non paywall) link: http://archive.today/mJXOK

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Menace media are running “the far right” sub plot as a strawman for a few different reasons, mainly because the establishment have lost control across a number of levels. :handshake:

When you think about how they started by demonizing local Irish communities as if they were terror cells, and now it’s all silky platitudes unfurled via their media assets.

He said: “They raised very important and sensitive matters in a direct and appropriate manner.

“I recognise that these are deeply important issues for a community that I am privileged to represent in Dáil Éireann.

“I will continue to engage with representatives to provide information and I will do my best to respond appropriately to their concerns.”

Total spin, he was told 7 days.

That’s it. Nothing else. The political elite have zero political influence there. Watch the video. It’s very clear. The tactic here is to make it look like their is an active warm and fuzzy negotiation going on but there is not. None. Zero.

Local community, 7 days to remove the plantation center.
Regime position is NO.

Every town village or whatever size community, in fact eh, the entire nation needs to watch East Wall like a Hawk. It’s not a local issue, but a national issue.

The nation is being brought into direct conflict with the state, the reason being is because the nation has finally woken up to lies and betrayal.

Prepare and plan accordingly.


The new beat
Coppers working from home

Too early for the State’s solution, nowhere near fully prepared yet?

Very deliberate use of language in the MSM when reporting this. Far right, extremist, threat of violence, etc. It’s clearly all by design. You can be sure the regime are doing all in their power to create some sort of false flag to taint this legitimate community action.