East Wall, Dublin - ESB Building now Plantation Hub

East Wall Press Release 7th Dec

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The man has a plan. Boycott. Blockade… and “please God everything will be ok”

Moved on to blocking Amiens St. at Connolly/IFSC

The Gombeens and politicians have doubled down in recent days, with more fighting age males bussed in, so these protests aren’t going away anytime soon. :muscle:

The local protest committee made mention of the removal and re-planting of women and children. Things have indeed escalated.

Dedicated topic to follow any development or media reporting - Reports Child and Women sexually harassed by Men in ESB Building East Wall

Entirely predictable.

Housing a conglomeration of un-vetted men from all over the world will only lead to chaos. Not only will they turn on each other, but they will also start turning on the local population. The reports of rapes in the East Wall with the names of defendants struck out will start over the next few months.

Nobodies Happy it seems.

There is so much wrong with this video, not to mention that it looks like maybe 20 people turned up to the counter protest.

the protests are “not representative of the people.” Every time I hear that line trotted out I want ask: “oh yeah? so exactly how many people’s opinions do they - or you - represent?” They never have the answer to that, because wouldn’t that involve - oh, I dunno - a referendum, to actually know? Until then, they are just another punter with a stick telling us they represent how most feel.

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What are the regime hoping for here, upgrades? Sympathy?

Who knows. The interviewees sound like economic migrants. If we opened Ireland up to every woman (or man) who is treated poorly in their own country that is potentially billions of arrivals. Literally (China & lower caste Indians).
The answer is not to destroy our country & flood it with immigrants by draining other countries of those either qualified to seek employment abroad, or physically fit enough to use irregular trafficking channels. People need to be helped in their own countries. Not encouraged to abandon them.


Give a man a fish, teach him to fish.

Algerian refugees.

Really? REALLY?

Last year, Minister Roderic O’Gorman tweeted out in Albanian, Arabic, Somali, Urdu and Georgian that a new system would be in place for anyone who came to Ireland and claimed to be a refugee.

Algeria yep but sure being an actual real refugee is NOT a requirement

There is absolutely not uncertainty here. People have literally been invited here to live off the taxpayer. In numbers so vast that if this happened in a non European or non western country the ngos would cry foul. In numbers so vast it, at the very least, skirts the definition of genocide.

“Genocide is an internationally recognized crime where acts are committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.”

Its not the outright murderous type of genocide. That is true. Not right now but nobody looks to plan for their grandchildrens generation anymore

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Wheres Malachy? It reads like the lefties have infiltrated.

There he is.

Really simple stuff.

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Division or diversity.

Anti-IrishTimes with their “asylum centre” lies.

Regime Invades as it pleases.

Important to point out that this lad is an economic migrant - and never achieved refugee status.

Economic Migrant suggests economically active. I think Welfare Migrant is generally a better description for most of this sort. In his case he went down the Race Hustler NGO route.