East Wall, Dublin - ESB Building now Plantation Hub

Coming for the schools

Ha ha they did it! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

It has taken very public action little to put the Garda resources under strain.

It’s on for Thursday.

Far right Nazis from East Wall interviewed here…


Tis over there 2. Just a reminder.

I’m the Only Local in teh Village

Gemma casting aspersions, but if you listen carefully the guy kinda over does his 15 seconds of fame, Lad covers his face, winning and then demands he’s a local and:

  • “who the fuck are you”
  • "I"m a fuckign activist:
  • “I’m a local man”

Now compare that to Malachys advice to the crowd.

The guy is either a dope (hot head) or sent in (Plant) to agitate / divide, using the term “activist” is also Globo-Ops, Gemma has missed the various details and nuance IMHO unless she has other information she’s running on, but the comments do not agree and not similar.

It also looks to be Ballymun, watch it yourself and see wha the think.

Gemma is the only one in this sort of role that I’m 100% confident isn’t a plant or a dupe but it doesn’t mean she can’t get it wrong.

Jury is still out for me. Once you get the actual general public, the people who just wanted to be left alone, showing up then they aren’t all going to share the common lexicon of the much smaller community who have all been facing off against antifa for years at various events. 70/30 you’re right OW. Or they could both be plants…

As far as I can see Malachy was going around speaking at various other events like Drogheda, Ballymun and so on.

As I pointed out at the beginning, EastWall gave people a simple and effective template and the confidence to do the same.

It’s not to much more complex than that, people band together in common cause and community especially, naturally that means their fellow country men and women, ever more so when times get tough.

The people as they mass may next move to protest outside constancy offices, but bring the city to a halt using very peaceful means is probably the most effective mobilisation you have ever seen at this scale, and it may be scaling up tomorrow!

It’s winter and thus far the resolve of ordinary people is impressive, the weather is not so great at the moment but they still come out and as the weather gets milder, it’s get easier for the peaceful protestors to be even more peaceful in bigger numbers.


At least their bikes have pedals

Gaydon has his say, kind of.

The eyes again.


AOR looks about as uncomfortable, shifty, shady and nervously suspicious as I’ve ever seen him…and that’s saying something.

I’d imagine he couldn’t wait to get back to leafy Clontarf far, far away from this kind of serious questioning…


That pedestrian bridge is actually only about 200
metres away from where Clontarf begins at Malahide Rd and a good bit further away from East Wall.


Nice turn out

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Jan 25th - EastWall protests.