Eastwall Artane Dublin Airport Protest Invader coach company O'Grady's bus stopped

Invasion forces continue to arrive 24/7


Citywest fightclub being moved to Apartments beside stardust in Artane according to lady.

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It appears that the number 1 component of the fourth industrial revolution is about the relocation of the populous of the citizens from non NATO countries to countries that voted for or maybe not for Nice/Lisbon.

Martin stated that we are a neutral country and then said that Ireland stands with Ukraine.
Martin, Varadkar, Mary Lou and forget his name should go before the people in order that they understand the message they received in both plebiscites Nice /Lisbon, if not the clock is ticking.

100% Disowned Irish Family?

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When your neighbors house in on fire your property is in danger.
All the 30 piece of silver money grabbing whores will not be forgotten, and oh yeah Varadkar took in a refugee from the Ukraine ah Jesus what a fucking stunt. A well connected female musician now making waves in Ireland along with her 2 buddies

Three young Ukrainian musicians studying at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Olesia Borsuk , Sulamita Pyvovar and Yana Shpak
All them girls come from privileged back rounds never likely to sever a pint or flip a burger or mop a floor they escaped Ukraine and fled to Ireland at the start of the war and by Christmas 2022 we got this

Three young Ukrainian musicians studying at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Olesia Borsuk, Sulamita Pyvovar and Yana Shpak, will join the festivities playing organ, piano and violin,
And more and more


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Eastwall Faster Than Science