Eaton St Monkstown

Anyone know why there are so many houses for sale in this square - currently 5 in a row?

It’s called running for cover. Otherwise known as ‘game’s up’…

I think the reason there are so many for sale is because all the vendors here have been totally behind the market. There are houses for sale on this square for years now. No one cuts aggressivley and gets in front of the market so they all languish here, then eventually another neighbour decides to sell at an unrealistic price and hey presto…For Sale signs scatter gunned all over the square.

Folie à cinq? I guess they believe they are competing against each other rather than with similar houses in the area or in similar areas. They’ve been steadily losing about 20K per month each in the past year and more before then. It is sad.

Met them all at some viewings. Seem like nice people.

Nothing wrong with the area - althu I prefer the other side of DL meself…

They are beautiful houses in a very cosy square. Location ticks many boxes. Small gardens compensated by square in front. Just the price.

It’s a lovely place to live and the neighbours are (nearly) all friends!! Just the price…
All the older residents are moving out and trying to sell their houses!