EBS Blow Out

They are dropping their regular saver interest rate from 7% to 4% on the 1st of May .

Do I detect a trend that our competition regulator will studiously ignore ??

They’ve been doing quite well off the back of sentiment like “if you deposit with EBS, you could get a large win-fall” for quite some time now.

Irish Permanent shareholders would have done well to sell about 15 months ago – your shareholding now is only worth half of what is was then.

As far as I’m concerned, the EBS serves the interests of its Directors more so than its members. The family silverware from more fruitful times is being sold off slowly but surely until nothing is left. Eventually, they’ll be bought out for a song (and the Directors paid off handsomely). Till then, milk that cow.

4% is not milk , its curdled whey !

We have one of those !

Holy Shit !!

Oh, wait a while, it’s this crowd …

tca.ie/NewsPublications/News … eases.aspx

Their 2008 offering. :cry:

2Pack, They’re an AUTHORITY, not a REGULATOR.

Really … Tut tut tut …

I think this was well sign-posted - as in last year, they said guaranteed ECB +3% until 1st May 2008, guaranteed to match ECB after that.

Not too sure what the big story is here 2pack - this sort of deal was always just a short-term loss-leader to get you in the door, a la cheap Miller beer… mmmm… beer… XD