EBS seeks 25 redundancies

They are laying-off 25 of their 655 staff, or 4%.
This was announced yesterday. I’m surprised it was not already posted.

Shocking news for those involved.

Well spotted kerrynorth… Kerry men are well-known for their innate ear-to-the-ground-ness. Must be something in the Kerry gene?!

The cancer has set in.

Once companies start announcing job losses, morale plummets and middle managers become even more inefficient as they hang in hope for that elusive redundancy package.

Meanwhile I speculate that the directors are busy deciding on the next round of assets to sell off so they can pay themselves their annual bonuses for the foresightedness of introducing “new efficiencies to the organisation”. The EBS are a tiny, tiny operation and how they justify their pay packages is beyond credibility.

Mewonders is this 25 job losses figure in response to some internal pressures? Whatever might they be?

I’m shocked. But not surprised. I suppose it is like the freezing water licking my heals as I scramble ever upwards. (Titanic)