ECB facing own cash crisis as bond buying cuts reserves

That 3 letter word resounds in my skull. Whats it good for? Absolutely nothing …except profits.

Guess what Ben Bernanke is giving Jean-Claude Trichet for Christmas this year?

European Race To The Insolvency Bottom Round Two: Contestants - Spain, Portugal And Belgium → … nd-belgium … -increase/

Later in the piece, Willem Buiter reckons that “the eurosystem as a whole has another €3,258bn worth of assets (based on a 2 per cent inflation rate, real GDP growth of 2 per cent and a discount rate of 4 per cent) that can be added to its balance sheet.”

That’s a lot of pain easing if required…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Ever deeper union… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but yet again…


Faisal Islam via twitter…
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More on the swap lines with the BoE: … o-ireland/ … 11-billion

I’ll get my popcorn, but this time I a watcher, not a tax burdened particpant.