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Yes agreed – increase deficits by either increasing government spending or cutting taxes; either will work, political preference dictates which you’d prefer, cutting taxes is fine by me.


Eurozone bank stocks up sharply across the board after rumours that the ECB is considering buy them up. Interesting that this rumour comes out just a day after Deutsche Bank throws up warning signals.

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€ has sunk immediately


More pointless string pushing. Even if they succeed, we’ll all be poorer as their aim is simply to raise consumer prices…


and immediately popped back up! automatic trading, gota love it. :wink:


No, they have said that their aim is to counter “deflation” which could destroy economic performance.
At least that’s what I heard on RTE (aka Irish Pravda) yesterday. :angry:


It seems to me that cutting rates seems to allow money to return into property in some countries. The bubbles are more specific in location than before however.


German 10 year bunds negative for the first time ever.


Brexit has been quite good for the German exchequer so far.


Have Irish bonds gone up or down since Brexit?


The ecb are going to have a lot more periphery bonds available to purchase in the near future.



According to Exit Poll, Unidos Podemos+PSOE have absolute majority. #Spain #26J


Poll miss again… Groundhog Day results.


Eh, wrong!

Of course, those forecasts could also be pants.

Wishing for change doesn’t make it so.


in fairness El Pais was saying earlier that PSOE + Podemos would have an overall majority (and that C’s would lose quite a few seats)

shouldn’t need a translation (IU are the PBP types)


The post was from El Pais tweets. If you had read my subsequent post you’d see correction. Not my fault polls missed so badly. I blame the elite pollsters.


I was saying the polls were wrong.

You jumped the gun by believing the polls, which have been unreliable in the last umpteen elections. It’s quite the poser, really, given how reliable they used to be.


I wouldn’t trust any poll, unless there was a clear <10% trend one way or another.
The Brexit exit poll being a classic example, it had the Remain side ahead before midnight.


More rate cut(s) are on the way … … her-crisis

I wonder if the repo rate will go negative.