'Economic freedom' rankings - Ireland up to third place


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Improvement on previous year’s ranking apparently.

Overall, I view this as encouraging.

I know some on this forum would see this as a disimprovement, preferring that we work our way down the table, presumably to keep the likes of Cuba and Turkmenistan company. :laughing:

Economic Freedom rankings

Global Competitiveness Rankings

They are all nonsense.

I wasn’t sure exactly what “Economic Freedom” means, so I checked the FAQs for a definition:

I agree with geckko - this sounds like bunkum. Everyone has a right to own property unless legally barred somehow. Surely a meaningful measure should be based on affordability. Does the index value of 90 for property rights mean that 90% of the population can afford a house?

"For the 2008 Index of Economic Freedom, the authors generally examined data for the period covering the second half of 2006 through the first half of 2007. To the extent possible, the information considered for each factor was current as of June 30, 2007. It is important to understand, however, that some factors are based on historical information. For example, the* monetary policy factor is a 3-year weighted average rate of inflation from January 1, 2004, to December 31, 2006.** Other factors are current for the year in which the Index is published. For example, the taxation variable for this Index considers tax rates that apply to the taxable year 2007.*

I wouldnt read too much into this considering they used figures from 2004 - Q2 2007.

Also noticed that Ireland scored 74 in “Freedom from Corruption”. Biggest lol I’ve had all day :laughing:

Hmmm economic freedom for whom I wonder…the extremely wealthy perhaps…

don’t laugh…

more an indication of how corrupt elsewhere is.


Precisely !
Dont forget that much of the corruption being exposed today is PAST corruption. Travel a lot and you will discover that Ireland is easily one of the least corrupt nations.

Its also important to remember how corruption in one country is not percieved as such in another. In the USA, by means of ‘lobbying’, politicians are openly offered money and other inducements to vote a certain way. That would be considered serious corruption in Europe.

Well, that’s the thing, it’s only being exposed now. How do we know what’s going on or not going on now?

This morning a FG TD defended weekly visits to the planning office, saying it was his job to secure planning for his constituents (this was mentioned on another thread)

Heard another counsellor defending taking a free ticket to the Ryder Cup, saying she couldn’t see any problem with it.

Bertie appoints personal friends to jobs and openly declares that’s the reason they got the job.

“Stroke” Fahy, Beverly C Flynn conveniently having her legal fees covered by us …

This is just the stuff they don’t even try to hide.

****THIRD PLACE YET AGAIN! **** Will we ever learn?

The following was written way back in the year 2000 when rising house prices were a concern for those who knew a little of economics and the dynamics at play:

A line from the Bible springs to mind “And the seven years of plenteousness, that was in the land of Egypt, were ended.”

Mmm, Jan 2000 + 7 years = Dec 2006. You’re only a year away from having a relevant quote!

(Never argue numbers where 0 is a value with an assembler programmer :wink: ).

You’re ability to reduce everything to a treatice on Contraception is breathtaking, and a little sad.

I’d hate to be obsessed with something that I know I’ll go to my grave having made not one iota of difference to.


Yes daltonr! You have a point. I do have a tendency to think outside the box, and that this can be difficult for some people. However, I feel it is an area we ignore at our peril. You are right though; there are very few people publicly concerned about it. The Reform Treaty completely ignores the transformation of the EU into a rapidly aging society. The World Economic Forum in Davos today and tomorrow is concentrating on “Collaboration”, what ever that entails. Yet it is self evident that human reproduction has a vast influence on future happenings.

Do you think that this area should be solely left to those who wish to exploit its consequences for all its worth, so as to increase their own wealth? We are entering a period; I certainly hope it is less than seven years, when we will be reaping the whirlwind of these latter people’s recent international exploitative ventures. This forum has been very concerned at some of its more sinister elements; the formation of a rapidly deflating property balloon and vanishing investments which will cause havoc among the middle class community.

The middle classes have in recent history been the area in which the educated and the smart members of society generally existed: scientists, government administrators, farmers, inventors, educators, military and gardai, business people, mathematicians, theologians, philosophers etc. They may have originated from poorer backgrounds etc but in general, in a democratic society, they had a lot of clout. You will recall from my previous posts that many people at the beginning of the 20th century worried about the dangers of making contraceptives freely available. They claimed that our smartest women will stop reproducing. This is exactly what is happening. It is like as if society is passively accepting a rapidly destructive disease and has no power to fight it.

We are witnessing the demise of the middle classes; its traditional power base being gradually usurped by smaller super wealthy elites. These latter people did not deliberately set out to take over. They are just clever, and see an opportunity for world dominance. There is also much worrying friction within this class. What is their strength? They know how to turn the hang up that modern western middle class society has, towards discussing the possible effects of the contraceptive culture, to their advantage! I have a distinct inkling that the forthcoming Referendum on the Reform Treaty will be the last time, that any middle class will have a major say on the future direction of European affairs, for a long time! People that think they know better will take control. The jury is out on whether this, in the sad circumstances that we are in, is a good or bad thing. I myself, get the jitters, when stupid laws are imposed on us because some people in the USA mismanaged their company.

As about going to my grave, I think I can live with the thoughts from the following

That depends on what you’re trying, doesn’t it?