Economic Growth forecasts

Aer Lingus are currently doing well on their flights to Switzerland.
Have you checked out the Eur wedge on the edge thread?
The mess in the banks is continuing to drag a significant portion of the country down and will continue like that until the issues are resolved, without capital investment there can be no increase in production and no growth.
We either find another means of exchange or we are stuck in a rut.

+1 ahhh very good, now start thinking a bit more abstract, a bit out of the box, then you will begin to see there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel.

:laughing: Is it? means of exchange have changed throughout history, trade associations change throughout history, meaningful negotiations have occured throughout history. Many currencies have existed throughout history. Capital investment is nothing more than saying papers exist, and men having faith in that, but it is their labours and the fruit of their labours which create production. Growth is necessary for inflation and the ‘capitalising markets’, but not necessary for self-sufficiencey, productive society, economic and social well-being. Nothing is written is stone.

Economy to shrink again in 2011, report predicts … 59506.html

In Summary

2.3% contraction versus the 1.75% growth forecast by the department of finance next year.

Average growth of 0.8% between 2011 and 2014 compared to the government forecast of average of 2.75% growth.


Fuck :frowning:

I know who i’d have my money on. Removing the stimulus (at the worst possible time, but what can you do) of government borrowing over the next 4 years, there’s only going to be one result. It will take either highly creative accounting or a substantial increase in mnc-tax-havenry to show any significant growth in the first half of this decade.

Maybe no one will notice. XX

I can see it now. FF on the opposition benches saying well we would have hit that forecast if we’d still been in government.

The DoF though needs to be gutted or outsourced to the Pin.

Finally a macro forecast with at least the correct sign in front of it. You cannot cut 6bn from govt spending and expect growth the following year.

This may actually lay bare the fallacy in the bailout early. It will be tough for the markets to ignore. If so, hold on to your hats folks.

What markets? The IMF one or the EFSF one?

Well the gubberment is not cutting spending by 6 billion, it is actually only 5.2 billion and the balance made up by “asset” sales and that 5.2 billion figure includes 1.5 billion in reduced capital spending which the govt claims wont make a huge difference as they will be getting better value for money to compensate for the reduced spend.

Signal or noise? I’m betting on the latter.

Economy shrank yoy but grew sequentially. Is Q3 normally up on Q2 ? Anybody know ?

I have just been looking at the GDP/GNP figures from the CSO (sad I know).

Can anyone explain please why the GNP growth figure for Q3 (1.1%) is greater than the GDP growth figure (0.5%)?

I thought that the ‘boom’ in exports were chiefly in the multinational sector, but these figures would suggest there is a significant increase in activity of domestic companies. The explanation given is the ‘repatriation’ of funds made by Irish companies overseas activities!!!

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