Economist - Ireland 12th best place to be born in 2013

#1 … ttery-life

Up from 16th spot in 1988


Big falls for the major ‘Western’ economies, and Japan.


Where do you find the 1988 ranking?

Anyway, it’s not a comparison, despite pretending to be:

Despite its troubles, Greece still ranks above all the BRICs + pretenders…


Scroll down through Esselte’s link page and you’ll see it.


Thank you - haven’t got my glasses on :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks like a pretty bogus comparison - you’d need to know what the current 11 criteria are and either use them for 1988 numbers or use the 8 ‘proper’ criteria from 1988 only.


Ah, don’t be like that, Yog. This is a good news thread.


Ah, it’s just that a number of the rankings in 1988 look to be goosed by politically motivated bogus indicators. Number of economist readers per million, for example.

If anything, it understates Ireland’s improvement.