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After listening to Stephen Kinsella this morning on Radio - will grab the audio later - discussing three different John and Jane Does, one paycheck away from eating cardboard, it’s time for a thread:

Stephen Kinsella, Economics lecturer in UL, discusses debt forgiveness on Marian Finucane on RTE Radio1

Really annoyed at Matthews. Really annoyed. I voted for him on the basis that he was the only person talking sense. Now the turncoat is advocating more of the same idiocy that he was decrying this time last year.
Also, Marian wailing about morality? How’s about the morals of taking €400,000 for just over 200 hours work? Grrr. XX

Jesus these people are incredibly sickening. “Something has to be done…” how’s about the contracts that were entered into by all of the parties being adhered to, why don’t we do that? I would have liked a dream house too, but I knew I couldn’t afford to continue to pay for it. Seriously, this is bizarre. How the f*** did we get here? This shit is giving me the willies.

Comparing HIV patients to those who got mortgages they couldn’t afford, FFS.

I love the way one of these wankers has actually decided that yes, we are going to do it. I actually can’t listen to this shit. When do we hit the streets with molotovs? When does the country explode…
Oh hang on, I’ve remembered. We actually just need to sit back and watch. On the one hand, you remove the government teat from the Undeserving poor, and then you give the Deserving Poor hundreds of thousands of government forgiveness. Stir, leave to ferment, and there you go. New government this time next year anyone?

the** COUNTRY** needs “debt forgiveness”. However , relying on the kindness of strangers and idiotic FT editorials leads to economic suicide. Therefore the only option left is fuckin unilateral default and take the pain, we{ve already put the the noose around our neck by voting IMF in the last election ( just confirms how fuckin thick 80% of the electorate are) so there isnt really that much downside in trying to put up some kind of fight . End of story, goodnite, slan leat baby.

Its a bit of an eye-opener alright when you finally wake up and realise that the entire system is designed to maintain the status quo at the expense of the majority.

Surely we already have debt forgiveness, It’s called Bankruptcy!