Economist's O'Brien warns of increased bankruptcy risk

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Economists… What don’t they know… :angry:

I give up? What? :smiley:

Geography, Trigonometry… The French they took? :wink:

Ah now in fairness we can’t all know French!!!

If Lenny can, anyone can…

Well at least you have something in common with him… :-GC

I actually agree with you, but as Morgan, Mc Williams et al are held up a “heros” and “sayers of the truth” on this forum… I’m shocked at your “outburst”… shocked and stunned in fact. :smiley:

Does this mean that there will now be a full scale Sindo assault on O’Brien similar to what Morgan Kelly just received or will RTE wake up McCardle from his afternoon nap to dismiss his arguments and will ‘sources’ in the Department be issuing briefings dismissing his assertions as flawed to the media generally?

‘It aint what you do… its the way that you do it…’

Essentially Kelly has rubbed their noses in it …in a vain attempt to belatedly house-train the fuckers -and they dont like it.

Morgan Kelly generally presents historical information and bases his analysis from there… McWilliams is much more voxpop and this in line with that, although this is ultimate bullshit as this is just finger in the wind crap…