Economists - Where next for the Cheerleaders?

Where to for the great visionaries who elevated Thatcherism and Reaganomics to that of a religious doctrine?

I know - write a book and cash in on “The End of Prosperity” brought about by, yes you’ve guessed it, over adherence to supply side economics. … re=related

Should we expect Marc Coleman’s next publication to be “The Worst is yet to Come” or Dan McLaughlin’s advocation of “The Celtic Communist Manifesto”?

It seems the best thing anyone can do at this juncture is look after yourself, family and friends and dont let the shills con you into believing in anything. Retain a healthy cynicism and hope that it may rub off on others. And most of all, dont trust anyone.

And yes - I am descending into the realms paranoia and IMO its entirely justified. It seems all this sitting on the sidelines cribbing and moaning has been bad for the psyche XX

When Desperate Dan and Coleman Balls get to that stage, you will know the bust will be over, you can check in on their latest ramblings in todays Tribune.

Look at this way, you can consider both of them a (mis)leading indicator. The best is yet to come and Bank of Ireland’s 'Wealth of the Nation’ report marking the top of the market.

seems the McWilliams piece is the most popular out of the lot.