Economy shrank at faster pace, GDP contracted by 7.6% in 09

From RTÉ.ie 4th August 2010


](CSO issues detailed 2009 figures)

The full pdf version of the report is linked from the story.

Blue Horseshoe


Read it and weep: … e_2009.pdf

So much navel lint masquerading as wealth…

Where’s that corner again? I feel like doing some turning

Listening to the RTE1 economics correspondence he effectively killed the story as in this within 1% of the estimated figure. Or this is what I got ( I was juggling pizza at the time) and the sad part is this is what Mr and Mrs Murphy probably heard as well

Had to chuckle there Discostu… “RTE economics correspondence”… I reckon Jean Byrne would make a better go at it than the numpties there… :slight_smile:

Careful you speak of the woman I secretly love… your man his name is Murphy I think seems to be very much a “steady Eddie” dont rock the boat guy possibly on instructions from on high after the George Lee incident.
Now Jean on the other hand could raise temperatures during a snow storm. :smiley:

Get yer grubby paws off… I saw her first!!! Oh those leather dresses … mmmmm :laughing: