Economy to weather housing downturn: AIB;s=rollingnews.htm

Well, you can’t say fairer than that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think John must have been sent out to bat after the recent S&P warning probably unnerved some of the bigwigs down at bank centre. Surely he couldn’t really believe that twaddle…

My favourite quote of the moment:

“Well, opinions are like bums. Everybody has one.”

Are we really that far removed now from common sense in this whole fiasco?

Nothing else matters, not a global downturn, not more difficult exporting conditions, not lower demand for our goods (I use the term loosely), nothing remotely sensible like that.

No, as long as we can build and sell our wee little houses, everything will be just grand.

The extension of this warped logic is that as long as the global economy starts heading down the pan, we’ll be just dandy here in Ireland. :unamused:

They are talking us (the world) into a global recession at the same time as talking up the housing market. and if we point this out or say anything we get accused of talking us (Ireland) into a recession.


“We’re saved. It’s a recession in the US and stagnation in Europe. Hooray!!!”

That deserves to be someone’s signature! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wow, just as well we don’t export anything!


Yeah, it’s great we have this solid construction economy to lean back on…

Leans back on solid 100% Irish built by a Pole, concrete better built wall

Wall collapses

Jaysus! :open_mouth:

Its ridiculous - on the one hand the VIs state that a European/US recession has the capacity to “save” the Irish housing market while on the other they have been heard to imply that canny Irish “diversification” into these same property markets means that the housing downturn wont bite as much at home. It would be laughable if we didnt know that some people will actually give these guys credence and are liable to make decisions based on what they say.

and paid for by the germans, who’ll be wanting that money back real soon now :unamused:

In fairness to him this is vague enough to be 100% true. All we now need is some clarification on what sort of timeline he has in mind. 2015 anyone??

Everytime I hear who well ‘underpinned’ the Irish property market is, or how good its ‘foundations’ are; I always get a mental image of an Italian architect telling the Archbishop of Pisa what a beautiful Bell tower he’s going to get for his money :slight_smile:

Our the foundations of m Menolly home with all that Pyrite