Eddie Hobbs Brendan Investments Bunfight

This is vastly amusing , despite all the deletions and the wholesale banning that went on . A long running thread on AAM , subject Eddie Hobb’s property fun Brendan Investments ( BI ) became infested with Shills who

a) promoted the product slavishly and incessantly
b) threatened posters who did not agree that the product was worthy of promotion above other property funds not run by Eddie Hobbs.

This group of shills were known as *the Hydra *because as soon as one of them was banned another would sign up and start posting the same stuff . Its been going on over a month now …if you have a lot of time.

It seems that one of the the shills then started to threaten posters by PM resulting in a separate thread on this campaign of intimidation and even more bannings , naturally .

Here is the PM threat from the , unsurprisingly, banned shill.

and the answer from the person who received the PM

Naturally nobody ever suggested that property, be it in a fund or not, could ever go down in price. Thank God for that small mercy !!


You’d think these guys would have the sense to let it lie and allow things to blow over. But no they had to keep on nit picking with the critics. Now all the sheep have been alerted of the approaching fleecing. :cry:

I have personally complained to RTE about this sad attempt to shut down discussion and urged them not to give Eddie any more free publicity.

Hobbs company raises fraction of €50m target

Didn’t they spend 700k on advertising, or 5% of the amount invested.

I wonder if the cooling-off period has finished.

Sort of like trying to sell Christmas Investments in the turkey pen…