Eddie Hobbs decries Freedom of speech?

Eddie’s Hobbs stated what could be seen to be a throw away remark or a veiled threat in an interview with Matt Cooper today

(starts around 34:15) audio.todayfm.com/audio/iphone/2 … _part2.mp3

Eddie the truth is one person reputation is not worth the stability of the state or life itself.

I think he’s missed the point, in fact a number of points badly but hey he’s only an accountant and media personality. In one breath he defends the like of David McWilliams who where pillared by the establishment but when those in lesser position do the same are “cowardly” to hide behind pen names.

It is archaic Libel laws that force people to hide becasue the truth can not be told as the cost of could be your freedom if you do not have the material wealth to defend it in court.

It is a pity he hasn’t grasped the real change at hand. I do think he was speaking more form a personal bias in regard to his own reputation being brought into disrepute and “giving up” but it came across very conflicted.

There were ructions over on AAM when Eddie was pushing a property investment fund at one point. Mysterious fans of the fund were signing up and posting extensively on it…then getting Clubmaned. Then they signed up again and again to the point where these mysterious fans were collectively known as the “Hydra” on AAM .

The thread ran for months, even with all the deletions and bans :slight_smile: Anyway p.ie discussed his radio piece and then someone had the damnable cheek to resurrect a clip of Eddie giving advice c.2006 . Very internet that.

politics.ie/media/140513-edd … ord-3.html

I forgot how bad that show was was and looks x10 worse with internet goggles :neutral_face:

what happened to all the SSIas?

I thought they were going to propel the country into the next decade?

Many, many people were persuaded to roll them into an investment fund, just in time for…

Others did what they were supposed to and, eh, bought cars…

You should have seen how bad it looked to people who lived abroad and were subjected to it while making the semi-annual visit to the in-laws. :open_mouth:

If anyone does this in Ireland then forums will go invitation-only, subscription services.

BOOM! Instant business model!

As long as the Pin isn’t the first before the beak - get ready to crank out the IPO.

Eddie Hobbs and Cape Verde covered on the 'pin some time ago → viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15789&hilit=eddie+hobbs+cape+verde

Heard the interview. Hobbs didn’t decry any freedom of speech he simply pointed out the truth. Some stuff posted anonymously on websites is inaccurate, abusive and defamatory. That’s fair lets face it.Some jounalists source it for the print media. That’s true. It is inevtiable that posters and site owners will end up in the courts as a consequence. That’s logical.The clip taken from one of his shows is an example. Hobbs referred to an economic model that tracks bubble bursts on the same series and stated that Irish property prices were in the late stage of a burst - but that is not referred to in the selective use of that 2006 clip. In the Copper interview he said that in 2003 he called the Irish bubble but was castigated for doing so. He clarified the position about Brendan Invts which seems to have got its timing and purchases spot on in Germany. He also drew a disctinction between Bulgaria which he described on TV four years ago as a deck of cards and Cape Verde which had some merit - he also said he’d invested in a development site there in 2007. It was a frank interview. I don’t think he’s against sound analysis or fair comment but he’s clearly unimpressed with sloppy research and cowardly attacks on line by uninformed posters who resort to abuse and defamation. Thought that was reasonable. Interesting he referred to a 2005 book he wrote which had a chapter on the possibilty of a banking burst in the US suggesting to buy gold, use AAA rated banks and switch to dollar mortgages! :astonished:

In fairness he does deal with the Cape Verde stuff (very badly) and the Brendan Investments stuff (very well).

But the first bit is just bizarre!

Eddie seems to be complaining that “I does be on the TV and people does be talking about me”.

Well, here’s a tip Eddie - Fuck off and stop polluting the airwaves!

Problem sorted.

Indeed! Eddie joins an ever growing list of people who now claim to have warned of the property bubble. Marc Coleman claims is too. Their claims fall a bit flat when they themselves failed to sell their own property in time or in Coleman’s case actually go out and BUY property.
Coleman is just a nut job, Ediie on the other hand is firmly in revisionist mode. Good man Eddie!If YOU believe itt o be true then go for it! XX

Eddie ramped Cape Verde with a vengeance


Not Forgetting Eddies Blog ( scroll down)

web.archive.org/web/200712071950 … dex_13.php

Did anybody ask Eddie about this gem of his where he suggeste dinvesting in Northern Rock shares 3 years ago :smiley:

web.archive.org/web/200712071950 … dex_13.php

The question marks over Brendan investments at the time were about RoI for people who actually put money in.

I think the fund raising did reveal the lack of cash available at the end of the boom, everyone had been using leverage to get involved in property vehicles during the boom years.

Not forgetting Northern Cross!


I gave him his Very Own Ghost Estate for that effort :smiley:

And the way he ran off with Mathilda Bagshot’s inheritance…

Think it’s only fair to keep perspective. Hobbs isn’t part of the establishment. He’s done good work over twenty years. Yes he did raise several million for german property which looks well set but he is by profession a financial guy so what? Yes he did highlight Cape Verde but his advice was conditional and the economy there has weathered the 2008 contraction. In the current climate and the Irish love of playing the man not the ball, he is a target in an angry and poisonous atmosphere - so is just about anyone else who has spanned the crisis. But if people like him exit the stage so as to speak what do we define then as reference points? Typically we seek so called heroes and champions and blow them up artificially ( Gilmore is the current) then when they fail to match our unrealistic expectations we tear them apart - instead if looking at the facts in full context. Hobbs has published four books that span both sides of the collapse and has been reasonably consistent. He never sold irish property and was not part of the inner circle who hated him for his outspoken views, including Sean Fitzpatrick and Bertie Ahern both of whom targeted him publicly. That’s good enough for most of us.

Hi Eddie,

I have to admit that you were on balance a voice of reason during the madness. However you couldn’t resist the urge to leverage your reputation as white knight to make a few quid.

Verdict: Shows potential, must try harder, C minus.

Eddie’s been off the radar here - it’s a sign of how disinterested people are that it’s his comments on freedom of speech that sparked a thread - not his opinion on the market.

Most of the people I’ve seen vilified are those who shamelessly shilled during the bubble - holding peoples feet to the fire is something that the media is supposed to do - but they are just as guilty of shilling during the bubble, so they are trying to simply excuse past behaviour and “move on”.

It’s not playing the man, it’s refusing to let the gobshites who caused this mess putting themselves forward as the ones who can get us out of it.

I think Eddie’s one of the good guys, but he’s on the national broadcaster that commissioned “I’m an Adult Get Me out Of Here” and other such abominations during the bubble to suck up the advertising money, who now don the sack cloth and ashes and commission “The Consumer Show” as if they were not part of the problem.

Eddie is getting tainted by association. You lie down with dogs…