Eddie Hobbs goes all Morgan Kelly

Don’t Expect a Celtic Comeback

Now, before anyone gets started, I’m no Eddie Hobbs fan.

However the above paragraph is bang on the money and it was printed in the Wall Street Journal and there is a lot more in there too.

He’ll be thrown in the tower for this and charged with treason!

No prizes for guessing where Eddie is …


It’s a timely article. There’s still too many sunshiners around who think that this is all going to end well and that we are through the worst of it. 5 years on and things are still only getting worse.

by the time we get a banking deal, IF we get a banking deal, it will be insignificant in context of the wider debt problem

He is on NewsTalk now, he sounds like a pinster

Sticking the boot into RTE, saying he can’t get anything in the article onto the adgenda RTE

Newtalk boys making a balls if this, attacking him for going to the WSJ and not doing this at home

Is he not blabbing on about inflation then? Last month he was a hyperinflationist, going on about oil being $200 a barrel by the end of next year etc etc … Anybody can show that oil futures options currently price that probability at about 1%, knock yourself out Eddie. No, do.

i think Eddie just lifted from constantins blog. still he might wake some people up…

Eddie gave a genuine link to this website as a pale to check out in one of the early editions of his financial glossy. I am not sure if it sells still.

So I’m sure he reads here too. Who knows he could be any one of you pinheads :nin

I am Eddie Hobbs.

My condolences. :smiley:

I used to think fingers was Eddie Hobbs.

Cant be bad news though if such a champion of the average Joe spells out something closer to the truth than previously.

I’m Eddie Hobbs and so’s my wife.

No, I’m Tiger Woods, I mean Eddie Hobbs

Who Remembers this:

I’m Eddie Hobbs!

He should adopt the name of one of his creations from his god awful SSIA show, Fintan the Flute.

That’s like the second time this week that that video has been used here on the pin and not the second only time either!!!

One person the average Joe listens to…

You be surprised how much damage he could do.

I wonder who uploaded it to YouTube originally?

Why… look at some of their other vids…


economic-incentives.blogspot.ie/ … dness.html