Eddie Hobbs Property Fund ( Brendan Investments)


Well. One hour to go to get that cheque into Eddie.

How many of ye did ???

How many of ye know anyone else who did ??


My brother joked about it the other night. That’s the size of it.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
You’re not serious are you? Maybe BrianMac or 2gaffs did but nobody else.


Can we stick to those who DID invest please


When will Eddie tell Shane Ross he’s won/lost? I saw in one of the papers at the weekend that “the Hydra” were mentioned.


Deadline’s been extended to next month “due to unprecedented demand” :laughing:


Has it now , sure the only reason they would have extended the deadline beyond today is because it failed to raise enough cash 8)


If the the sub-prime fiasco was a shot across the bow of Brendan Investments, then the recent antics of those cowboy solictors was a direct hit on Eddie’s fund.

If only he released it a year earlier.


I saw an ad for Brendan Investments over the weekend it was the first time I’d seen it. I wonder if it was a new, pull out all the stops, development. If it’d been aired a lot before I reckon I’d’ve noticed it as the PIN had set my radar to track for it in the media especially after the second Indo article.


Was it this one?



His timing is awful, isn’t it? I mean it was launched just as scepticism about Irish property went mainstream. A year earlier indeed.


His timing is awful, isn’t it? I mean it was launched just as scepticism
about Irish property went mainstream. A year earlier indeed.

On the contrary. A year earlier and expectations would have been so high that he’d be almost guarenteed to let people down and he’d have become the poster boy (literally) for the end of the property boom.

Launching at the moment gives him lower expectations to meet and if it all goes tits up he can quite rightly say that people knew what they were getting into.

In reality skepticism on the part of the dogs in the street will keep a lot of people out, so those that actually buy in are more likely to know what they’re getting into.

Remember lots of people who knew what they were doing made a lot of money on Eircom. It’s the Joe Duffy callers getting burned that makes these things seem like swindles in hindsight.

I don’t know if the negative sentiment will be enough to keep everyone from the door of Brendan Investments. They could well fail to get to their projected funding levels.

But I think his long term reputation and even his short term reputation is well served by not selling this to every tom dick and mary a year or two ago just as the wheels were about to fall off.

The sad thing is that Eddies reputation as the people’s champion shouldn’t hang on whether this fund makes money or not. It should have already been destroyed by the “Rip-Off” fee structure.



I’m intrigued by that mention of “the Hydra” .
I remember posting many months ago that the best way to cut the head off the Hydra was for FTBers to keep their money firmly in their pockets and this was after Eddie advised FTBers not to purchase property and invest it in Rabobank.
Or maybe Shane Ross regards Brendan investments as a hydra :unamused:


The hydra reference is to the long-running thread on AAM when new posters extolling the virtues of said investment scheme cropped up. Some, few or none were fast Eddie himself. (I have my suspicions based on the styling). Anyway, BI seemed to have as many heads as the mythical hydra, as soon as one was banned, another two seemed to crop up in it’s place.


I didn’t. Don’t think i heard anyone i know or family even discussing it.
I think the scheme missed the boat.


That’s certainly intriguing :stuck_out_tongue:


If you track back the BI threads you will see lots of bannings and deletions in typical up their own holes AAM style.

This selective deletion and banning is precisely what will eventually get them into trouble not that Hobbs deserves any audience on any BB where intelligent finance industry observercrats would tend to discourse.

However the level of deletions is such that AAM can never prove they did not distort the discussion by deleting salient portions thereof and that they did so MALICIOUSLY .

This is the risk you incur simply for being an asshole , eh!!! I have deleted nothing but I am selectively quoting :laughing:

The first of these ‘hydra’ BI insiders was a poster named MANTUS he made a series of points around the 17th of september defending eddies wallet grab vis a vis other wallet grabs . This would be an example only.

These posters kept getting banned and reappearing , hence their being called the Hydra (the Hydra in mythology has many heads)

Two weeks back they were even sending threatening PMs to the posters themselves accusing them of defamation and threatening legal action.

One of Hobbs associates in the BI scheme is a solicitor who might know what defamation means 8)



10m is feck all, they spent 500k on ads alone, better use the extension as a lever to get your money out if you did invest !!!




Yeah, I like to extend the line every now and again when I’m fishing, some times I can’t hit the real nice spots close to the reeds, it takes a couple of goes but you always know, get it close enough and that’s where the real fish are!!! :wink:


I think 750k was the total start up costs!