Eddies new property fund.


Who know getting into UK commercial property at this point in the cycle might be a good thing if we have a sharp slowdown or worse. But suggesting that there is much scope for rental or capital growth, as the funds advisors suggest, well that’s just flying in the face of conventional wisdom.


London prices starting to decline.


These guys are piling into the market

meanwhile,these guys are piling out

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, what are ye doing?

brendaninvestments.ie/proper … reland.php

Apparently retail properties will continue to demand increasing rents even though the credit that has been driving it recently is starting to dry up.

Maybe we need to start a virtual game of “Go for broke” where we choose the worst investments and see who can lose all their money first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this the same Ireland that I am living in? Or is it possible there’s another country by the same name somewhere else? One where the price of property hasn’t fallen every month this year.

Maybe they mean this one?

hmmm, needs some more work

Rabo actually sell Property Equity Funds that invest in companies like Eddie is setting up. They’d be a safer investment due to spreading of the risk across multiple companies rather than just 1.

See here:
rabodirect.ie/investments/mu … _prop.aspx

The trend of the fund appears to be down which is prob a good indication of the trend Eddie’s company will take.

I wonder is this named after Brendan from AAM? :laughing:

I wonder whether You and Your Money will recommend this… :unamused:


Mmmm might want to see how things pan out before considering Germany. So that’s the UK and Germany in the wait and see pile. :confused:

**Hobbs to head up new €1bn property investment fund

Eddie wants not only your money but your borrowed money as well :wink:

I can’t believe I read this correctly.

This bloke (Hobbs), is selling a 4x geared property fund and suggesting that people borrow to invest???

In the worst case (borrow €5,000 to invest) provides infinite gearing!!!

Even borrowing €2,500 to invest €5,000 gives you 8x gearing.

Now lt me get something straight. Isn’t he the supposed “consumers’ champion”? This would be a shocking abuse of his media manufactured trust.

Because I love conspiracy theories I’m going to say that someone bought Eddie to restore the confidence in the property market…Cause everybody loves Eddie. Don’t we. And we shall obey Eddie, our hero and financial saviour. :imp:

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my Prozac. :wink:

And your kids pocket money too by the looks of it.

He’s promising to quadruple your money.
I saw it compared to the SSIA the other day.

He was on the radio yesterday saying that something like 80% of the monies would go toward shopping centres, offices in Germany, Poland etc, while the remainder would probably go towards apartment developments in Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria.

He also mentioned that the prospectus has 13 pages explaining risk, and that if you’re a saver and 4k is alot of money to you, then this scheme is not for you.

Did he also tell listneers that they should take their intended investment, multiply by 4 and use that to assess their total property exposure in conjunction with any aother financial exposures?


So professional investors are bailing out in the UK, Germany and even Dublin :open_mouth: wtf. But who will buy these investment properties that are now so out of favor with the experts?. Who?

Borrowing money to invest in volatile instruments, sounds very September 1929 to me.

They were even pimping this on the RTÉ news :unamused:

I can see this property fund going the same way as Eircom shares and endoment mortgages. I’m sure Eddie’s legal team though have all risk shifted firmly onto the saps who fall for this “investment”.

what’s Tony taylor pimpin’ this time.

I wonder if he’ll show up at the You 7 Yer Money EXPO at the RDS.