Edenville, 597 Howth Road, Blackbanks, Dublin 5

Edenville, 597 Howth Road, Blackbanks, Dublin 5

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Really cheap at only E900,000 :open_mouth:

Is the estate agent on crack?

For once I have to agree, The asking price is ridiculous. Blackbanks is Kilbarrack by the sea.

Well parts of Kilbarrack are nice but honestly it’s not even one of the bigger detached homes on the other side of the Howth Road with a west facing rear garden and lots more land. If I had a spare million I would buy one of those instead.

Nothing wrong with the homes on the other side (uneven numbered) but most are semi-d’s with short front gardens and the traffic is quite noisy.

Seems they went to a lot of trouble with this house recently only to sell it quite soon.

Planning permission dates back to 2005…Box Architecture design

It’s difficult to see how this is worth more than 700k, at a push. I’m not sure why, with all that investment, they didn’t fix the ugly front finish.

Ardfield went for 840k in November 2013, and that was a much larger property with proper sea views. That took a long time to shift.

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Is the estate agent on crack? That is the funniest line on the pin this month…no…this year!

Can we set up an award for that?


That same estate agents now has 3 houses in that area for prices they’ll never shift them at.

Sold for €960k
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€960k. That’s a big price. Maybe the EA wasn’t “on crack” then.

Raheny prices have gone mad the past 12 months.

Anyone looking for an EA in Dublin 5 doesn’t need to look any further than this guy or girl.