Edmund Honohan is at it again

Mad Ed Honohan, who likes to think of himself as a judge, but who in reality is just a jumped-up public servant is at it again with pronouncements above his station.

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Lest anyone forget Ed’s previous pronouncements and the many times he has overstepped his powers and shot his stupid mouth off:

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I heard him on the news at 1 on rte radio 1 earlier. Couldn’t believe what I was listening to. Basically telling Solicitors to do their jobs ‘properly’ and go follow this route even if their cases were done and dusted. Is their no constitutional issue here, this guy mouthing off like this on a regular basis

Being in his court is a very strange experience. You feel very awkward somehow with him saying random stuff, laughing at his own witty remarks, being dismissive of people who are smarter and know more about Law than he does.

What struck me most was ‘how was this guy possibly making a living at the bar before he got whooshed into this sinecure?’ Who was hiring him as their barrister ?

What is the precise role of the Master of the High Court? How is one appointed? Is there only one of him?

The media (deliberately or otherwise) like to imply that he is actually a judge, which he is not of course, but I am a bit puzzled about his actual role.

He’s basically a secretary to the High Court. He deals with administrative and procedural steps (discovery etc) before a case gets listed before a judge. The previous incumbent, the late Harry Hill SC, was an irascible bollix at times, but at least knew his place in the hierarchy. This bloke has been recognised as a fool for quite some time.

Yes but who appoints him? Is it for life? Is there only one of him?

I am not a lawyer and the Courts Service website is diabolical.

Mad Ed has some fans

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The Writer seems to think that Ed is a Judge with his own Court but from my understanding of what has been said on this thread, this is not the case

If he had any authority he wouldn’t be moaning about things not working the way he prefers.

I’m not sure who appointed him. Possibly the Minister for Justice but I cannot be 100% certain.


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Thinking high above his station.

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Repossessions to increase fivefold, warns master of High Court
Sell-off to vulture funds will push up evictions, costing taxpayers millions

“Evicting one occupier costs money,” he said. “The wholesale eviction of many thousands over the next four or five years is going to cost millions, and it is the taxpayer who will foot the bill.

Four years ago he advocated allowing mortgage payers to pay their mortgages with magical promissory notes as a form of Keynesian stimulus.

With Maire Whelan’s bungled appointment, that will at least tarnish every decision she makes, it’s a bit shit to note that things don’t change in the government processing of appointments.

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But why would things change? - as Yeat’s remarked in September 1913

And that “Keynesian” proposal seems like he shared too many thoughts with the waste of genetic material that is Brian Lucey.

I posted this on the Bubble TV/Radio thread last Monday

There are about 80k hardcore non-performing mortgages in the system and I understand that the housing associations want nothing to do with them as their experience is that having not paid their mortgages for years that they don’t pay any rent on the mortgage to rent “solutions”.

Seamus Coffey picked up on a a quote from that article:

Coffey provides evidence that Honahan is pretty much talking through his hole about sub-prime borrowing – over 76% of cases are from regular lenders and only 15% from vulture funds – accompanied by the following flourish:

More here:

economic-incentives.blogspot.ie/ … funds.html

Coffey’s analysis (all here) also shows that many cases involve abandoned dwellings and/or borrowers who don’t show up in court and don’t engage with the lender.

How are these candidates for restructuring?

And he’s still at it

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Separation of powers!

Ed’s close links with FF go way back.

He was a former advisor to Taoiseach Jack Lynch.
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And he lobbied Brian Lenihan for a plum EU Judge’s role though he’s against lobbying itself!
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Ed could be in for a big promotion when/if FF get back into power

I am quite sure that it is within the law for the Master of the High Court to go drafting bills and publicising them.

That doesn’t make it anything other than completely bizarre.