Edmund Honohan is at it again


Finally someone opposes this publicly. And it’s come from the ECB, so it should count. No doubt this new master plan from the master of the high court is a tough sell to the Germans, French, Dutch etc. who presumably worry about the functioning of the Mortgage market, Interest rates for sound borrowers, and the stability of the Banks.



thejournal.ie/high-court-mas … 0-Jun2018/


A very 1 sided puff piece as is normal from The Journal. No mention in the examples given of how much arrears are owing, what the normal monthly payment should be, how long the arrears are etc.


TBH I think the specifics - eg how much arrears - of individual cases is completely irrelevant. It is in court over a relatively simply piece of contract law. Edmund Honahan should be more concerned with whether or not the bank is legally entitled to enforce the contract, not query the social effect of doing so.

This is actually insane, as he is making the macro problem worse.

In any normal country the he’d be repossessed of his job within three months but in Ireland Honohan has been allowed to carry on like this for >720 days.


Its not Honohan’s place to be question the Banks ‘pressing needs’. Or to question how many they currently have empty.

The specifics are relevant in a puff piece like this as 1 side of the story only has been given. This feeds into the narrative that creates an atmosphere amongst the public to tolerate large arrears/long number of years with no payments being made. No attempt at balance was made in the article…the reporter went out of their way I’d say to leave out certain facts



Private member’s bill written by mad Ed


Ed wants a ban on all evictions. And is calling out FF leadership to support his bill.
The dividing line between the Judiciary and the Dail has well and truly being crossed some time ago

It’s your job to call the vulture funds out’: High Court Master pens letter to Micheál Martin
Edmund Honohan urged the Fianna Fáil leader to support a piece of legislation he wrote that is currently before the Dáil.
thejournal.ie/high-court-ma … 4-Jan2019/


Honohan is NOT a member of the judiciary.

To the best of my understanding he is basically a senior administrator who decides which cases are heard when, etc.

It would be great if the media could clarify this whenever they refer to him.

In general legal titles could also benefit from some editing to keep up with modern parlance. Up until very recently we had someone called the ‘Taxing Master’ whose actual job it was to adjudicate on disputed legal costs.


It seems he’s not above committing some petty vandalism or maybe I should call it criminal damage:
irishtimes.com/news/ireland … -1.3756486

He must be a joy to work with…


“The Courts Service has admonished the senior counsel in a letter”

Is he? He’s not listed in the Law Library database.


edit: oh apparently he is, but not practising. Seems like when you become an SC you stay an SC, if even you don’t pay your LL fees. :smiley:


Ed is on Sean O’Rourke now discussing the bad ventilation on his courtroom. He’d been complaining about it for years and the OPW ignored him.
So he broke 3 windows to let in air!

edit - He’s moved on to his pet project now. He wants all repossession orders over a couple of years old struck out as the Banks/Funds ‘misled’ the Courts when seeking those orders i.e. they said at the time they wanted to sell the houses in question but obviously haven’t done so.
All cases to be reheard he says…more money for his legal colleagues!

He wants the Government MtR scheme expanded to cater for all of the 60,000 or so arrears cases still outstanding.

SO’R just asked him about separation of powers given that he is an officer of the court and is attempting to write legislation. A mealy mouthed response but O’Rourke moves on :unamused:


Becoming an embarrassment. Is he too young to be pensioned off?


I’m still struck by how someone can destroy state property and he’s invited to chat about it by the state broadcaster like a celebrity who was nominated for a Bafta or an Oscar, instead of being billed for the damage. There’s no dispute about the facts here, he admits he deliberately broke the windows…


irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3769377

We need an arse slapping smiley…




The (truly) honourable Peter Kelly behind it…


Ed was on Primetime last night to discuss his demotion…they haven’t even informed him directly. He’s just seen the notice on the Courts Service website!
Full of pomp as usual, he tried to portray bafflement at the move. Couldn’t understand any reason for it as he was certainly not showing any prejudice in the cases he was dealing with.


You wonder does he have any friends left in the courts…

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3773691
*The Master of the High Court, who from next week will no longer deal with debt cases, has been criticised by a judge over his decision dismissing a bank’s application to repossess a property.

Mr Justice Garrett Simons said **“it beggars belief” that Master Edmund Honohan, despite various court decisions that he had no power to do so, had continued to make orders striking out special summonses **such as the one brought by Permanent TSB against Geoffrey Carr over the repossession of land and a house at Carney Commons, Carney, Co Tipperary.

“This course of conduct on the part of the Master simply serves to increase legal costs unnecessarily and to cause delay”, Mr Justice Simons said in a High Court judgment on Monday.

It had “no practical benefit whatsoever” and the Master’s order may, in some instances, give defendants a “false sense” of hope, he said.*


Mr Honohan raised the issue at a hearing last week before reading out a ruling he had made in a case concerning Allied Irish Banks.

In his decision, he ordered that a full hearing take place instead of one based solely on sworn affidavits because he had concerns the High Court “will not follow the law as set out by the Supreme Court” in relation to issues arising.

He brought a stack of copies of the ruling to court which was described by one lawyer as being “2ft high”.

Mr Honohan said he had asked the service why it did not publish his ruling alongside the written judgments from other courts and was told it did not have room on its website.

A spokesman for the service said it only published judgments that come from judges and that “quasijudicial officials are not judges” and their rulings were not published because they “have no binding or persuasive weight or authority”.


“To publish them might lead to a misunderstanding, particularly on the part of non lawyers, that they carry such authority when they do not,” he said, adding that decisions of other similar officials such as county registrars were not published either.


Could a simple statutory instrument issued by the minister for justice be used to change his title - I think he garners a lot of his ‘authority’ and importance from it or at least the media assume it.

Suggestions for his new title? ‘Clerk Of The High Court’, ‘High Court Registrar’