Eirene, Marino Avenue East, Killiney (-4.65m, -77.5%)


I was inspired by your post to check this out. What an incredible job these people have done. What a great use of acreage and space. I was never a big fan of the ‘arts & crafts’ houses unless they were tucked away fairytale-like in the trees (I.e like the very pretty Galleen). They have really changed the dynamic of this site and its presence on them site. Some really good landscaping as well which really does help to seal off the site from the road / dart while preserving the views etc. Terrific job and a great case study for others to consider.


I came across this photo of the finished job



Great photo Nama Man

I see from their planning they are going to put a second floor on top of the structure.

FYI attached the site plan for context.



For the record, this house sold in 2018 for €3,052,200 (any idea what the €52,200 represents?)

€1.7M on top of the 2012 purchase price, a handsome profit even allowing for the tremendous work done.

A beautiful house in a fantastic location. The extension is far beyond the typical Irish conservatory.




I am not sure why it is in the property price register in 2018 but it is still owned by the same people who refurbished it so it was not ‘sold’ by any standard definition of the word. Looking at the link you posted to the architect’s website it states the renovation and extension that took place in 2012 & 2015 cost €2.4m so the ‘all in’ cost was around €3.75m. Looks like it was well worth it, judging by the pictures of the finished product.