Election Exit Poll - FF routed (17.4% first preferences)

Not a property thread, but on this unprecedented day, surely we can have a politics thread in the main forum.

FF 15.1% FG 36.1% LAB 20.5% SF 10.1% Green 2.7% Ind 15.5% - RTÉ

FF apparently as low as 8% in Dublin.

theage.com.au/world/large-tu … 1b93s.html

I was in work today and a work mate was reading this article . He asked me in all seriousness " How is a ex teacher going to tell the IMF and the banks to go and get fucked ? "


What next? Oh right, more of the same.

Fianna Fáil may not take a single seat in Dublin, apparently.

Who the hell are the 15% that still voted for FF, are they the people that FF made loads of money for or what :-GC

FG will be very disappointed with those figures. Unless transfer patterns are favourable they may be lucky to break 70

Tactical voting by ex-FF voters for Labour, as predicted on the 'Pin?

We may have our first Portillo moment.

Coughlan is in serious trouble in Donegal South East - twitter.com/search?q=%23dlsw

Please, please, please

More for independents than FF going by that exit poll. With such a spattering of independents, they’ll be taking votes from each other. I’d expect the majority of transfers to go to FG from these.

Tally figures for 41 boxes (Donegal electoral area) - Coughlan 1854, Doherty 2213, McGinley 1955, Pringle 2344 #ge11 #dlsw

Micheal Martin polling well in Cork South Central.

Ah, but you see, that’s where yiz are all wrong… he’s not an ex-teacher!

As a registered idiot she would be unaware that she actually has a seat in the first place . It would have to be explained to her in very simple terms that the big salary and expenses are over . But her carers can explain that she would have a big pension and lump sum to cushion her fall .

Gogarty has conceded defeat allready via twitter.

Moved… despite please. What do you think this is, the IMF? The lily-livered EU?

Anyway, Soupy threads appear on the “Latest Posts”…

Heads up, Twtter is where the news is at, radio and tv waaay behind.

Shane Ross has apparently topped the poll - twitter.com/RTE_Elections

How so?

With all due respect, in the most unparliamentary language, fuck you Deputy Gogarty

#csc 38 boxez tallied. …MMartim 22%. Clune. 14.7 Coveney 11 SF 11. Buttimer FG 7.8. But thiz is from the city and MMs area

Its a day in which I will be saying “thats made my day” a lot…but that has made my day so far,wonder has he brought his daughter along to witness his electoral beating…adios dickhead.