Electric Cars and the latest models.


I reckon the next couple of years are game changing on the global electric car market with cost plunging as demand increases. I really like the look of the Honda EV which was the star of the Frankfurt car show and is tipped to be make as big an impact on the car market as the VW Golf which ushered in the hot hatch trend.

Due out in 2019.

And how the power is generated to charge them is changing too…

forbes.com/sites/energyinno … 7796231f31

But I really really like the look of the Honda’s EV coupe


The new KIA e-Niro EV is up there as well.


Nice. I’d be a total convert for long distance if it can get up to 600klm between charges.


People are going to get upset when everyone goes electric and taxes are levied on them.
Dont take this as an argument against electric cars or renewables, just pointing out the huge gap in funding that will need to be filled somehow and how people wont join the dots.


2020 Tesla Roadster rumoured to have 1,000km range.


That sounds fantastic although as others have said the lost revenue on petrol will have to clawed back somehow. Tax breaks for EV will go for a start as they become more common.

Sorry for going off topic but if fuel price was the spark then the rise of the EV market will seem like a fortuitous response that will keep environmental protestors happy too.

I got to say I was really taken by surprise by the commitment of the environmental protesters in London a few weeks ago when they blocked all the central bridges. It’s a movement that seems to have entered a new phase generally unnoticed.

I guess if young people feel the economy is stacked against them then they’ll pour their energy into fighting for their environment.


You get a new shiny cage but not freed from the cage. Gawd no! Are you mad Ted! What you’re talking about here is the smart metre, part of the total control grid, apply (any) tax at point, every device on your homes power network will be monitored and know 24/7. I’m sure GDPR will be exempted. :nin :angry: :nin :angry:


For me, a 300km range would suit almost 100% of my normal driving, only once in the past 3 years have I exceeded 300km in a single journey.


It gets better, retrofitting classics as EVs!

driven.co.nz/reviews/classi … -classics/


Yeah, careful with those range figures though. As I posted in the Tesla thread…


To be honest, I’m very forgiving of those claims.
20 years ago you couldn’t get 10 miles out of such an electric car.
Now you can basically travel anywhere in Ireland on a single charge.
In another 10 or 20 years, you’ll be able to travel throughout Europe on a single charge.
The development has been incredibly rapid and continues to evolve.


Sure, they’re great. You just need to factor in that they only get something like 75% of the WLTP range at motorway speeds.

The Opel Ampera is the daddy for long range (380km WLTP) at affordable price, but unfortunately LHD only.

thejournal.ie/autobest-ev-t … 6-Jul2018/


You would be brave to rely on a Model S to get you from Dublin to the SW or NW coast on a single charge.


As a general rule you should charge your EV beyond 80% or your wrecking the battery. Occasionally charging to full might be fine


That’s wrong.
Best practice is 10 to 90% charge range
Some people say 20 to 80%

Avoid keeping the battery charged at 100%
If the car is to be left unused for a long time you should keep it plugged in with the charge at 50%

Avoid depleting the battery completely

Judicious use of fast charging
Fast charging can lead to battery ooverheating
Heat is a battery killer


All of those quoted ranges would give me a comfortable amount of headroom wrt to range.
Most of my journeys are in the range of 40km and a small number are 130km each way (to the smoke), so with a charger at the destination.
I would have no issues with any of the current EV’s on the market.

Well, apart from the fact that they’re all above what I can afford to buy, I’ll probably pick one up when they’re about 6-8 years old.


Well the service stations are going to do great business if people have enforced hour long stops.

Maybe they’ll become shopping centres.

Imagine an actual restaurant rather than a shit deli and fast food joint like we have now.



This is one of the key points in the article or the video above, there is a big gap between when someone decides they want an EV, and when they put their money down and drive away


Vehicle to grid, still a few years away but definitely on the way