Elizabeth Warren - A One-Woman Ass-Kickin' Machine!


She Rocks!!!

Elizabeth Warren Introduces Congressional Oversight Panel’s April Report - Assessing Treasury’s Strategy: Six Months of TARP.

TARP Report:`Very Deep Concern’ About TARP Metrics, Goals



Elizabeth Warren Introduces the COP Special Report on Regulatory Reform

Inside Look - TARP Oversight Panel - Bloomberg






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I first heard of her a few years ago on NPR in the states, she was talking then about the Credit Card industry.
She also features in “Maxed Out” which is a great movie if you can get a chance to see it, I’m actually in the process of trying to find a venue to do a screening of it, if anyone has any suggestions.

She appeared on the Daily Show with John Stewart and was very funny and serious at the same time.
The following lecture is interesting and will ring a bell with a lot of people.




COP Hearing: “Learning from the Past — Lessons from the Banking Crises of the 20th Century”
cop.senate.gov/hearings/library/ … essons.cfm


who is she? a journalist or something?




Maddow: Elizabeth Warren - The Bailout 10/12/2008



COP Hearing on Modernzing the American Regulatory System


Good piece - an hour of insightful commentary. She has an ability to crystallise a lot of what we articulate here, but in a clear-headed way, with injections of humour and without the endless spaghetti of economic graphs. She is all too human herself - laughing at her husband’s predeliction for expensive suits, and her inability to make sense of Powerpoint - and her nuanced approach to what will happen to the underclass after what happens to the middle class happens, is chilling.

This is playing out in America as we speak. Ireland is merely America delayed. The very same fault lines, the very same patterns. Scary stuff.


What about asking a college society. It focuses a good bit on credit cards to students. I’m not sure how public access works for these events but a large lecture theatre with a projector would be a good venue.


This was an Excellent video, in fact I was looking for it again to share around!


Maxed Out’s James Scurlock and Elizabeth Warren on NightLine



You can’t be any good, or just good, and not come under fire from the right wing in the US, it seems:
nakedcapitalism.com/2009/04/ … arren.html


More: American’s trust has been shattered:
ritholtz.com/blog/2009/05/el … shattered/