Elizabeth Warren - A One-Woman Ass-Kickin' Machine!


What is the evidence for that?


It’s probably more enjoyable for the average Joe Soap when overly pious, preachy individuals are caught out lying or being hypocritical…along the lines of why so many Irish people enjoyed the fall of The Church.

I don’t think anyone with any insight into human nature would assume Donald Trump to be anything but a guy with a past who is probably economical with the truth. In the preachy times we live in that’s a large part of what sets him apart from the crowd…and many people seem to live him for it


Do you know how Harvard works

They’re big into the whole diversity BS, and its now getting them into some trouble, Asian students are now suing them for discrimination, and they clearly have a very good case

So Warren has pissed off people who dislike affirmative action on principle, and people who agree with affirmative action but dislike frauds like Warren, don’t expect her to do well with black voters in some primaries, Bernie had the same problem for different reasons


the Tony Cascarino of US politics.

Harvard, lets portray native Americans as savage barbarians while pretending to celebrate them and give ourselves a pat on the back for inclusivity.


Pocahontas wants to ‘break up’ big tech



Elizabeth Warren - “I’m gonna get me a beer”

No thanks. Next!