Elizabeth Warren - A One-Woman Ass-Kickin' Machine!


EW - " Without good information it is hard to make good decisions"

Very apt.


Elizabeth Warren Uncovered What the Govt. Did to ‘Rescue’ AIG, and It Ain’t Pretty -> alternet.org/economy/147788/ … age=entire





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Latest COP report.
cop.senate.gov/press/releases/re … ration.cfm
Congressional Oversight Panel Assesses the TARP on the Eve of Its Expiration

No video from Elizabeth Warren to accompany it. It seems she stood back from her role with the COP on September 10th.

Doesn’t look like there is anyone now on the COP willing to embrace her style of communication - which says an awful lot about her, and government.


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Whatever your opinions about free markets, Mr. Paul does make a fair point given past experience with other institutions she will now be co-opted and emasculated by the federal reserve.


Have to agree.

This move is just a sop to the political base ahead of the upcoming November elections.

All the talk of not having a confirmation hearing because it would prove too difficult is indicative of how weak the administration is, which shows how useless the supposed joint role of being under the auspices of the Federal Reserve and also a special adviser to the President is.

The agency will get crushed between the politics of the Fed and the beltway.


October report - Elizabeth has left herself go!


Elizabeth has been pretty quiet so far on “foreclosuregate”. Was expecting more from her by now. This is all I could find:

vodpod.com/watch/4658865-elizabe … sure-fraud

Do you reckon she’s muzzled while Obama figures out how to play the issue ?


huffingtonpost.com/zach-cart … 76052.html


EDIT: :open_mouth: Not sure on the White House staffers sign off!!!


Not on the podium until 26 minutes in.


Ted still doing the communication thing for the COP:


Long on calendar entries, short on quotes.

huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/2 … 88120.html