Elizabeth Warren - A One-Woman Ass-Kickin' Machine!


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I’d love to see her in the Senate. Ron Paul’s not exactly been silenced by the house or representatives, and she’s likely to pack a bigger punch than he.




Elizabeth Warren interviewed on Rachel Maddow about her announcement to run:

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Part 2:


class act

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id still vote ron paul any day though for his foreign policy


i take back what i said, shes an evil piece of shit like the rest of them

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That just made me laugh. :smiley:


well i did mention ron paul is the way to go re foreign policy. Warren sounds like another warmonger , scum, filth, vermin whatever u want to call her


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Elizabeth Warren: Obama’s natural heir?


“Wall Street isn’t going to change its ways until Washington gets serious about strong oversight and real accountability – no special deals.”
Warren is calling for a new version of the Glass-Steagall Act, the law passed after the stock market crashed in 1929 to keep high-risk banking separate from more traditional banking. T’was repealed in 1999.



nearly there … Tuesday isn’t it for the election ?


Warren defeats Brown in Massachusetts



Happy days best news in ages.


Delighted for her.



Warren 2016. That’d drive the WingNuts demented altogether :slight_smile:


I’d have thought there were a few wingnuts who could get behind Warren’s ideas of fiscal rectitude. But she’s probably pissed off too many in the finance industry, she doesn’t have any political dynasty behind her, and Hilary would steamroll all over her to get the Democratic nomination. Pity – for my money she’d make a far better first woman president than Hilary.


Delighted for her.