Elm Park - merrion?

Have these apartments ever surfaced for sale? Am looking in the area and would be very interested, but can’t ever recall seeing them launched or any significant volume for sale? And it is such a big development that it should be noticeable.

All leased as far as I know.

I was on the mobile when I posted yesterday. These are managed by Savills as far as I know. They would probably sell as a job lot. Worth a try though.

If I remember correctly approx 50% are owned privately.

When launched there was uproar when the developer wrote into the contract that 50% of any uplift would be paid to him in the event of a sale within 10 years.


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Thanks guys - wishful thinking of an increase in supply in SCD I guess :frowning:

seems to be a lot of people living there

all foreigners, bleak place & with Novartis moving in, an extra 600 workers on site.

I have it from a reliable source that part of the fitting-out for Novartis includes remediation and part renewal of. … wait for it …the fire-stopping to the existing building they are moving into.
If I lived in those apartments behind … I’d worry a little!
Horrible looking development anyway - hard to credit it is only five or so years old - glazing is really cheap looking and all that timber cladding at high level is starting to rot already. For such a super site the whole edifice, ignoring the silly timber faux buttress fandangoes, reminds me of some beat up sixties hospital admin block or somesuch.

ah, have to say i’ve a soft spot for it. Think it looks bold and daring, fantastically un-Irish. I’ve not seen views nor interiors, but i’d imagine some of the views are pretty stunning

Not true. Nursing home maybe but definately not a hospital.

I know for a fact that it would have required about €60m to retrofit it into a hospital.

Bold from the distance alright, George K, the view from Booterstown Dart station is dramatic.
It’s the close-ups that fail to satisfy - bit like viewing meself nowadays!
The commercial component was designed as eco-friendly office floors - although when Zurich moved in they retro-fitted a more conventional HVAC system as the natural aspiration goal of the design relies on constant window fiddling and the place just couldn’t heat up enough for worker comfort.
The floor to floor heights are insufficient for hospital use - sorry Mantissa - or any such heavily serviced function- you also need bed-lifts in such an establishment.
There have, of course, been as many rumoured uses as there are windows to the place over the years!
The renovation of retained old houses beside the hotel is the most successful part of the scheme - overlooked by the terrible hulk of course!

It’ll probably become more attractive a location when the Merrion Inn finally re-opens! (Speaking of which - what’s taking it so long? When The Graduate in Killiney burned to the ground a few years back, it seemed to re-appear again fully restored within months. The MI has had scaffolding around it for what seems like the last year.)

Do not doubt you!
This was originally planned at a time when every crossroads was getting a hotel and private medical establishments seemed a sure fire good thing as well!
Had somebody paid Macnamara to lease a block and create a Temple of Apollo, or even a Temple of Doom, he’d have provided!

You are indeed correct Mantissa, The first building (nearest the main road) was designed to be a hospital.